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Five Ordinary People Who Shot To Fame Overnight

All can’t handle name and fame, and there’s no denying. Hard work is crucial to reach a place where one has been dreaming of and for years maybe. Think of moments where fans adore you. There are fellow celebs who you’re hanging out with, leading a rather lavish life and such.

However, some people have it fairly easy. The term ‘overnight success’ might be a little too much to digest, but let’s not equate success with famous (always)! Here are a few now-famous people who shot to fame overnight.

Arshad Khan

At some point in life, Arshad was earning a living in Islamabad selling tea. The year 2016 became a game-changer in his life when someone had snapped this attractive looking man and posted his pictures on the internet. Undoubtedly he had no idea that he went viral online and became quite a sensation!

Later, he got offers from a modeling agency, which changed his life! What started with clothing ads initially grew bigger, and now he has also managed to bag noteworthy roles in TV series. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is exactly like a rags-to-riches story.

Zeddie Watkins Little

Remember that ‘ridiculously photogenic guy’ who was wearing a smile while running a marathon? Isn’t it amazing that how handsome he looked when everyone around was sweating? Such was his magic and he soon became an internet sensation. And the meme creators made him an overnight star!

Though he’s not popular globally, Zeddie rose to fame over the years. He appeared on Good Morning America and spoke about his plans on using his 15 minutes of fame to good use. He wants to run a marathon and raise funds for a good cause. Zeddie never resorted to memes to uplift his career, but the entertainment industry still knows him.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

Dorian was a computer engineer working in California and was detained by the FBI after raiding his home. This was because they mistook him to be one of the most wanted criminals! It was ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ that they were looking for. Yes, they were looking for the man responsible for creating Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Sadly, the real identity of the founder is something nobody knows of even to this day! However, poor Dorian had to suffer because of him and became a meme material. Everyone across the globe was trolling him and having fun at his expense. While there’s no doubt he lost his cool, he is now happy that Bitcoin users adored him. He ended up making money via this and also with donations.

Nusret Gökçe AKA “SaltBae”

The chef and restaurant owner of the steakhouse named Nusr-Et was a Turkish man Nusret Gökçe. Given the time he devoted to his kitchen, he was mostly away from the public eye. But he came to the limelight in 2017, thanks to the internet that laid out his photos and videos in large numbers, displaying the style he was cutting and putting salt in the steak. Soon after, there were images that circulated as memes called “SaltBae.”

This turned in his restaurant’s favor. In 2018, he boasted of having no less than 19 million followers in his Instagram account. His popularity has ascended to such levels that he decided to open a second restaurant in New York. Now it’s a burger place with the same name- “SaltBae,” and we are glad he used it. That’s quite an unconventional approach to deriving fame!

Justin Bieber

Does he require any introduction? Certainly not! The start of gaining his musical status that he has now was, however, not a glam story. Born and raised in Canada, Justin’s family had no connections in the music industry. The fact he had a talent within him was first noticed by his mom, especially how he played drums.

So she started entering him in a few local competitions that eventually boosted his confidence level before the larger audience. Encouraged by his mom, he uploaded a video of him belting out ‘With You’ on YouTube, This changed the life course for a 13-year old boy. He soon became one of the most popular music icons on YouTube and the industry, the heartthrob’s songs top almost every chart now.

While everyone’s struggle is unique, so is their story. And that’s what makes it interesting when we come across such inspiring transformations of people and their lives. Do you know of any such amazing transformations? Tell us in the comments section!

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