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Forget About 90210: These Are The Richest Zip Codes In The USA Right Now

If you are a television buff, you probably haven’t missed out on one of its most popular shows ever, Beverly Hills, 90210. If you are born in the 2000s, then you must have heard about it. The show garnered TRPs incredibly during its 10-season run from 1990 to 2000. The plot of Beverly Hills, 90210, revolved around the lives of many friends residing in a posh and elite community of California’s Beverly Hills, as they slowly grow of age.

But, have you ever wondered what 90210 stands for? Well, it is one of the five zip codes of the city and one of the richest. However, there are richer zip codes in the United States currently. Follow the list below.

33109 (Fisher Island, Florida)

Fisher Island is a stone’s throw distance from the tip of the iconic Florida beach. You can reach the island via ferry, a private boat, or helicopter. Many of you might not know that some of the most affluent people, including celebrities from the film and television industry, have their homes on Fisher Island. Julia Roberts, Andre Agassi, Oprah Winfrey, and Boris Becker are a few among them.

The zip code 33109 is said to be the richest one in the entire United States. The median prices of homes here are something in the ballpark of $3 million. The luxurious penthouse of Oprah was up on the market for sale, and it fetched something around $20 million. The average income of the people inhabiting Fisher Island is about $2.20 million.

94027 (Atherton, California)

Tech titans and some of the major financial players in the country have chosen Atherton as their residence. The sleepy suburban area is close to Paolo Alto in California. Some of the big names that have their nests here are Meg Whitman, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and eBay, and Charles Schwab, a famous investor.

None but the ultra-rich can afford to buy a home in this area. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, owned an estate in Atherton which eventually changed hands in 2020 for something close to $35 million. While the average income of people residing in Atherton is $1.72 million, the median price of homes lies close to $6.5 million.

33480 (Palm Beach, Florida)

Palm Beach is one of the most popular spots in Florida. Aside from being a tourist spot, Palm Beach has been a winter home to several wealthy individuals. Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, made the location all the more popular by putting up the Winter White House at the iconic Mar-a-Lago resort.

Others who have built their nests here include Rod Stewart, musician and rocker, Rush Limbaugh, television personality and talk show host, and Jimmy Buffet. The median value of a home at Palm Beach stands at $798,000. The average income of the residents is around $1.37 million.

94301 (Palo Alto, California)

This zip code is a part of Silicon Valley and includes Crescent Park, the old half of Palo Alto, and downtown Palo Alto. The zip code is home to many tech entrepreneurs and executives, and it’s needless to say that all of them are filthy rich. 94301 is also popular as the location where some of the best-known entities, including Facebook, started their journey.

This fact makes it unique. The median home price here is around $3.8 million, and the average earning is approximately $1.09 million. In short, the homes here are luxury personified and become a great status symbol! And anyone who owns a property in this region has a great real estate portfolio to show off!

90067 (Century City, California)

The 20th Century Studios faced a financial crisis some decades ago and left the spot. In its former backyard, grew up the commercial district of what you know as Century City. Century remains as the place of the 20th Century Studios headquarters.

However, it has gone forward to build itself into a prime destination for business and shopping. There is hardly any millionaire who doesn’t wish to have a home here. The average income of the residents can be around $1 million. 90067 has the median home price of $1.3 million.

Gone are those days when 90210 used to be of major importance because it was among the top wealthiest zip codes. These zip codes have long elbowed 90210 to take their place among the recently richest ones.

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