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Former “It Girl” Paris Hilton Opens Up About Her Decadent Lifestyle

When you are a multi-million dollar heiress, it is normal for people to be interested in your life. Paris Hilton, the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who is the founder of the Hilton Group of Hotels, was definitely born with a golden spoon. The media couldn’t keep its eye away from her since she was a little girl. She started modeling at a young age and soon became a sensation through reality shows. She was definitely the leading “it” girl of New York City at that time. And now that she is 38, aside from her inherited wealth, she has also been able to build an empire all by herself, thanks to her modeling assignments, beauty and accessories line, and TV shows. Today, her net worth stands at an estimated $300 million which is a huge figure. Let’s take a peek into her uber luxurious life!

Her Own Private Jet

Like several other Hollywood celebs, Paris Hilton owns a private jet. Jet-setting celebrities need to travel a lot, and for someone like Paris, who is a model, musician, DJ, and a fashion designer all at the same time, it must be difficult to always follow a schedule, hence the jet. And since she can afford it well, why not? The interiors look absolutely lavish, and this ensures that Paris always travels in style and on-time.

Pink Everywhere!

Paris Hilton’s love for the color pink is not unknown; no wonder most of her possessions are in various shades of pink. A scooter, a mini Harley Davidson, a pink mountain bike, and of course pink cars — a pink Porsche, a pink, diamond-encrusted Bentley Continental, and many others. In fact, she probably beats the luxury car collections of most Hollywood A-listers. The other cars that adorn her garage are a Rolls Royce, a GMC Yukon, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Ferrariamong others. Imagine how much she must be paying for auto insurance alone!

A Designer Home For Her Furry Friends

We all love our pets and would love to pamper them, but nobody does the pampering as good and as over-the-top as Paris Hilton. Her love for small dogs is not unknown, and she owns quite a few of her own. Her Los Angeles home has a custom-built 300-square-foot house just for her pets. This elegant dog house is air-conditioned and furnished with various designer pieces! No wonder it all amounts to a whopping $325,000! Equally astounding in knowing that price tag for her dog house is the cost of her dogs themselves — from what we heard, she shelled out around $13,000 for her Pomeranian dog in 2014. In 2015, she bought two more for $25,000. Imagine what you can do with that money!

Her Over-The-Top House In Beverly Hills

She stays in the uber-luxurious gated community of Mulholland Estates in Los Angeles. The interiors will remind you of her reality show days. They are decorated with Paris Hilton’s own pictures. The best feature is probably in the basement which has been revamped into an entire nightclub. It took $500,000 to build that high-tech space that provides ultimate entertainment for Hilton and her friends. Rita Ora, Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Mansion, and Bella Thorne are some of the celebrities who have partied with her here.

Inside Her $1 Million Closet


A couple of years back, Hilton decided to show her closet to her fans on Instagram before flying to her favorite party destination, Ibiza. From what she shared, we could see numerous pairs of high-end shoes lined up upon racks on the wall. You could almost see shoes of every color and design in there. In 2014, she had claimed that she had 1000 pairs, and we are guessing the number has gone up since then. She also happens to have more than 104 denim designs in there. We hear Kim Kardashian used to come and organize her closet for her before she herself shot to fame. After all, what are friends for!

Though, Hilton is often called “famous for being famous”, we don’t believe it. Despite all the controversies and scandals that followed her, you have to give credit to her for having over 44 stores around the world selling her own bags, accessories, fragrances, and many other items under her brand name. She also does a lot of endorsement that fetches her big bucks. After all, she has learned the ropes from the best in the industry; hence she is definitely one powerful entrepreneur in her own right.


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