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Why This Generation Is The Most Obsessed With Money & Fame

Millennials have long been ridiculed for their obsession with fame and fortune. However, Generation Z is glad to surpass them in this sphere. As the facts suggest, the current generation loves to consider money and fame as the most important things to achieve in life and nothing else matters for them. Was it something quite unexpected? Well, no. As per a survey conducted involving 3000 adults, comprising of 1000 individuals belonging to the age group of 18-21, Gen Z’s obsession for fame and fortune has been increasing manifold. Is it something to worry about?

Changing Life Priorities Of Gen Z And Millennials

Getting married, starting a family, raising the kids, and purchasing a house don’t arouse the interests of Gen Z and millennials anymore. In other words, their priorities and life goals have dramatically changed. Deloitte has conducted a Global Millennial Survey this year which tracked the behavioral patterns of those who were born between 1983 and 1994 as well as those who were born between 1995 and 2002. More than 56% of these two age groups revealed that traveling around the world is at the top of their list of priorities. Women, who comprised 62% of the survey, were more inclined than men and it isn’t at all surprising. We understand that Gen Z people want to live life care-free, and for that, they actually need a lot of money.

What’s Money To The Gen Z?

In comparison to millennials, the Gen Z is more inclined to saving money which is quite natural if we consider their priorities and life goals. In fact, 21% of the Gen Z admits to having a savings bank account by the time they turned 10. 89% of the Generation Z is of the opinion that working out their finances and planning for the future gives them an adrenaline rush. A good 64% of them have already started to research and discuss with some financial planners in order to secure their future. You will be surprised to know that these Generation Z individuals start focusing on substantial financial planning from the age of 13! 32% of these guys own a credit card, 33% have health insurance, 54% already have a checking account, and a staggering 60% of them own a savings account. How impressive is that?

Importance Of Employment

Gen Z individuals have been a witness to their parents’ net worth decline by about 40 to 45% when the Great Recession struck. Consequently, they now want to acquire degrees and jobs that would help them build up a secured future. They are not ready to suffer the way their elders have. They are willing to give their 100% in order to grab a stable income. A survey reveals that 75% of them have no issues relocating to a new place if the job offer is good enough. 58% have the will and zeal to work even on weekends. 78% of the Gen Z are done with their internship. Another research informs that around 76 to 77% of these people rake in extra money through a part-time job or some freelance work and 35% of them already have set up their own business or planning to open an enterprise.

Generation Z And Education

More than 70% of the Gen Z people are of the opinion that going to college or pursuing higher education is not the only means to attain a good education. Although 82% of them are making plans to attend college directly, a massive 77% want to attend a 4-year university and 39% of them are thinking of going to a community college while 22% of the Generation Z are more inclined to attend technical school. As far as top expected career options are concerned, it was found that around 16 to 17% wish to be in a business corporation and 18% of them want to pursue biology or biotechnology. While 20% of the Generation Z wish to study science, a cool 39% wants to pursue medicine and healthcare.

The Gen Z people are keeping no stone unturned to pave the way to a smooth future. This generation has witnessed their seniors going through a lot of hardships regarding money, loans, debts, and all and they simply don’t want to take any kind of financial risk. They are putting every step forward with caution. For them, fame and fortune are all that matters at the end of the day. They have learned from their elders and know how to deal with things. When it comes to money, these guys are leagues ahead of millennials and that’s kind of praiseworthy.

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