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Here’s Why Being Famous Is Much Harder Than It Looks

Ask any kid what their main goal in life is, and there’s a good chance that they’ll say they want to be rich and famous. People all over the world have been fooled with the misconception that being famous is that one goal we should go for, and nothing else matters much. This is validated by the thought that celebrities live perfect lives with millions in their bank account, numerous cars in their garage, and a palatial mansion to live in. All these and more sound alluring, right? We all crave the kind of extravagant lifestyle that some celebrities have because we’re tired of our own mundane lives.

However, the truth about fame is somewhat bleak. You’ll see a lot of celebrity parents who don’t want the glitz and glam lifestyle for their children, and they have a point — a life of fame and fortune isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be, and there are tons of negative aspects about it that people often tend to overlook. Here are some reasons why not everyone would be comfortable being famous:

The Paparazzi Will Never Leave You Alone

While attention from the public and the paparazzi might feed your vanity and self-esteem, it will get obnoxious to have people snapping pictures of you wherever you go. Imagine this: you’ve just had a long day and you wish to get a cup of coffee and sit outside a cafe to relax. This alone would be impossible without getting any of your pictures taken. Even worse is when people will deliberately go out of their way to ensure that they’ve got an embarrassing picture of you. Most of us wouldn’t be able to properly handle having an embarrassing picture of ourselves on the front cover of a gossip magazine and be judged based on our looks or clothes.

Say Goodbye To Privacy

People will know about every pesky little detail about your life, even the ones that you don’t really care about, and that’s something difficult for not only you, but the people close to you since they’ll be the center of attention as well. Your partners, children, and family – everyone is going to be questioned and contacted by media outlets to comment on something you may have said or did. Fame shouldn’t even be close to your life goal if you get a bad feeling when thinking about everyone gossiping about your love life, what food you’re eating, what problems you’re going through, and what dress you wore last Saturday. The worst part is when you have absolutely no way to hide your life entirely and to stop others from knowing every detail about it. Once famous, you might just get everything you’ve ever wanted except you’ll lose the luxury of privacy.

There Will Be False Rumors About You

Another thing that famous people often have to deal with is fake gossip that’s created for no other reason than entertainment and quick money grabs. You might find yourself at the center of a scandal due to something that you weren’t involved in whatsoever or even gossip sites twisting your words into something unkind. You need to think about the effects that such rumors might have on the relationships you have with those close to you. Rumors of cheating, breakups, and anything of the like are going to be tough to deal with, and while they aren’t an everyday thing for famous people, they do tend to occur and some people are just too gullible to fact check the latest and hottest gossip.

Your Personal Relations Won’t Be The Same

You may or may not change, but it’s for certain that a lot of the people around you are going to start seeing you differently once you’re famous and have lots of money pouring into your bank account. You won’t really know whom to trust because everyone’s going to start being nicer than usual to you — maybe except for your closest friends and family who’ll insist on being real with you. People might try to use you as a ladder to climb their way up to fame as well, which can be an upsetting experience. They might even try to flatter you so they can get what they want. When it comes to fame, you never know who your real friends are.

Some people are able to handle fame with grace despite the negative aspects and don’t have any scandals or haters revolving around them. However, an exceptionally high number of people fall into the downward spiral that fame can bring (for instance, child stars), so even if you do happen to become extremely popular, don’t let it get to you.

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