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Here’s How Much Beyonce Will Get In The 2019 Remake Of The Lion King

There has been considerable hullabaloo over the visual marvel that is The Lion King for quite a long time. Well, it was quite expected.  The premiere of the film is one of the most awaited cinematic moments of 2019. And this is the latest remake of Disney’s all-time favorite classic animation, which features Beyoncé, voicing for the character of the adult Nala. The singer-songwriter who was highly inspired by the movie has also taken a step ahead to produce a companion album replete with her renditions. Majority of the songs featured in the album, The Lion King: The Gift weren’t used in the film, except for Spirit. Beyonce released this at a time that coincided with the film’s grand release.

It’s A Different Ballgame

A reputed global star, the singer has displayed a different side of her to the world by portraying the role of the adult Nala. Earlier, she had turned down the offer of auditioning for the role of Princess Tiana, another Disney princess. Little did she know that she would slip into the much-coveted character of Nala and transform herself from a princess to a queen (as per her character). A maximum time of 20 minutes onscreen was reserved for her and that also included silent shots where Nala ran around Pride Lands. What made most fans stand in disbelief was how Beyonce’s voice would cover the majority of the trailer’s soundtrack. But her inclusion as a character (and a potent one) remains an unsolved mystery for Disney fans until now.

Critics Are Sceptical

While Beyonce is a powerhouse of talent, most critics have not shown strong support in regards to her taking the role of Nala. Most commented that Beyoncè is undoubtedly a great performer, but her stepping into the shoes of the character has somehow ruined it. Talking about fans, most are upset stating clearly that Beyonce’s voice doesn’t fit the character of Nala. Several of them also pointed out how it felt like she was just merely reading a script instead of acting.  What made it worse was that she implemented zero changes in her voice- what we rightly term as voice modulation, so as to fit into the role. In other words, when it comes to her voice acting, a large percentage of her fans are completely averse to the decision taken by the makers about casting her for a role that deserved someone more adept in the art of voiceovers.

A Star Roped In

To an extent, Beyonce’s star status did the trick. How? The audience might care to remember the (much) forgettable Epic, released in 2013. Beyonce did not play herself in the animated film, but a certain Queen Tara. Following that, she carved a niche for herself after the consistent release of music albums that catapulted her into unreachable stardom. So she was not just a pop star, but someone who dabbled in other creative arts, like acting, too. Over the period of time, she grew as a versatile artist and literally became one of the top-notch pop-cultural figures among many of her contemporaries. The makers wanted to cash in her name and fame for the movie, hoping that it would do a world of good and hence cast her in the much-anticipated live-action remake of The Lion King, little realizing not everything is meant for everyone, every time.

She Gave It All

All this, however, doesn’t imply that Beyonce didn’t take her work seriously or has underperformed in the role that she has been given. There were some ‘unmistakable intonations’ that caught the attention of the critics, for which Beyonce has been making headlines. Certainly, the singer will be primarily remembered for her musical work in relation to the film (even if a few songs haven’t been played in the movie), more than what we get on screen.

Besides, it’s Beyonce! She’s a sensation herself! So fans and critics alike will definitely stay glued to the screen or pay a visit to the theaters to see how she bodes with this character. And that’s totally understandable. Playing a Lion Queen is a matter of prestige no doubt, and despite critical acclaim, we would all love to catch the lioness of the jungle live in action, in a voice that has mesmerized many.

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