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Here’s Why Tulum in Mexico is Celebrities’ Favorite Vacay Spot!

There is something about Tulum in Mexico that attracts the celebrities in droves, from Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, to Cameron Diaz, and more. If you have been following any celeb or influencer on Instagram, you may have witnessed at least a few shots of the white, sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico. So why is everyone making a beeline to this exotic destination?

Eco-friendly and Affordable

The best part is that it is just an hour and a half south of Cancun by car (whether you go for a rental cars, shuttles, or taxis that travel from Cancun airport). This eco-friendly destination is located along the narrow strip right between the Mayan Jungle and the Caribbean Sea. The exotic place also attracts the attention of backpackers and adventure travelers. Some of the thatched-roof lodges along the sands do not have electricity. The laid back and high fashion vibe draws the A-listers by large numbers to this place.

Since it is high on sustainability, it attracts celebs who believe in living a, environmentally friendly way of life, like Leonardo Di Caprio. Here most people ride bikes, and the bars and restaurants are mostly open-air, lit by candles and low-energy lights. However, some of the hotel rents can go up to $4,000 a night, one of them being the Amansala Resort‘s Bikini Boot Camp, which can set you back by $4,000 per person for the week.

Luxurious Hotel Stays

Stars like Paris Hilton love to stay at the Habitas. The Habitas has luxury tented rooms that are right on the oceanfront, the logistics leading to the introduction of the term ‘glamping’ – when you camping in a glamorous way. Celebs such as Kristen Cavallari has been also seen at Azulik, a spin of Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, which is definitely not something to be missed. The hotel has thatched-roof lodges for only adults, and can cost up to $800 a night.

It is one of the best yoga retreats and attracts big-league actresses who visit the Amansala Resort & Spa to relax, rejuvenate, and stay healthy. The rooms here are priced at $375 per person for a night.

Fitness Destination

Tulum is not just a place where you get to nap on the beach or have fun on the waves, but it’s also a huge yoga destination where gurus fly from all around the world to teach classes and retreats. Amansala’s Bikini Boot Camp is one of the retreats that combines different forms of exercises, such as classes, yoga, and spa treatment. No wonder Drew Barrymore, who is a big yoga advocate, lists Tulum as her favorite place to visit.

These fitness retreats are a thing now and people, especially celebs, are going for salubrious hideaways to sneak in some peaceful time into their busy schedule, using it as a chance to feel relaxed and comfortable. Tulu as a destination offers all that and much more.

Dining Reservations

Tulu happens to be one of the best places to relax where restaurants offer world-class cuisines, such as Hartwood where all the food is cooked over an open flame, and the entry price is around $15 to $30. The ever-changing menu caters to tastebuds of eclectic foodies. You can also enjoy an after-dinner drink at the Casa Jaguar where the bartender would whip up exotic and invigorating cocktails, just the way you like it.

Dining out in Tulum is a special treat since the town has been recently upping the food game. Some of the area’s most-treasured restaurants, where you may also get to rub shoulders with your favorite celebrities, are The Dining Experience Tulum, WILD, Cenzontle, and Mi Amor. Culinary offerings at these places are as wide as they are amazing, right from Yucatan fare and grilled lobster tacos to Middle Eastern cuisine.

Explore More For a Lesser Amount

It’s not only about the beaches. There are plenty of other things to check out in Tulum, including ruins from the former Mayan port city. You can check out the beach Playa Paraiso to the north, which is open for the public where the lodges channelize luxe chic. You can make a great food combination of fresh fruit, wine, tequila, and warm, freshly-made corn tortillas right from the nearby market at Chedraui.

Well, Tulum has what it takes to be the perfect celeb vacay spot and now you know why!

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