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Highest Paid Actor? Of Course It’s Samuel L Jackson

When we rank actors according to what they earn, the list is always endless. At the end of the day, we find a way to separate the rottenly rich guys to just the ‘rich guys.’ Samuel L. Jackson’s name pulls up movies like Pulp Fiction that grossed a total of $7.4bn. The actor has been with us for a very long time and he competes favorably with actors like Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How has Samuel managed to achieve this feat? The actor has not stopping acting in movies.  He started in 1972 when he joined the acting crew of ‘Together For Days, and has gone to feature in more than a 100 movies that include Jumper, Gospel Hill, iron Man, Lakeview Terrace, Soul Men, The Spirit and many more.

Samuel has loved franchise even though most of his efforts ended in failures.  The more he fails, the more he learns his lesson and improves.

The Star Wars actor doesn’t mind if the part he is playing is small if the movie is a big one.  Samuel may not fall under the category of wealthy actors who lavishly spend money without thinking. However, he is good at picking great stuffs that are expensive.

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