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How Hollywood’s Poorest Celeb Is Reinventing Herself

She was everyone’s favorite – the redhead kid with a cheerful sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks! Lindsay Lohan’s story of her rise to fame and fall from grace is a lesson to many in several ways. Here is her story.

Lindsay’s Big Break

Lindsay Lohan has been a star for several decades now. Attracting attention and working from the age of just three years old., she won the hearts of her audience. Prior to landing a role in her breakthrough film The Parent Trap, Lindsay’s portfolio already had 60 TV spots as well as 100 print ads. The Parent Trap made in 1998 was a remake of a 1961 film with the same title, and Lindsay got the role.

We all know how successful the film was, and it shot Lindsay into stardom. She got numerous offers from Disney including roles in Freaky Friday in 2003, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen in 2004. Her popularity hit an all-time high with the Mean Girls. In 2005, Lindsay’s luck was still rolling as she starred in Herby: Fully loaded, before diving into a music career.

Lindsay’s Lifestyle Began to Change

With her celebrity status on the rise, Lindsay began seeing more of the nightlife in the Big Apple. Her lifestyle was the new topic of the town. She was giving the tabloids plenty to talk about. Not to forget, her father’s prison scandals and then her own personal struggles with an eating disorder had the press featuring her all the time.

By 2007, Lindsay had two arrests, including the case for possessing illegal substances and a charge with DUI and reckless driving. She also spent three periods of the same year in rehab. Lindsay actually spent 250 days in rehab on five separate occasions between 2007 and 2012. That’s because her struggle with substance abuse and liquor was intense. She was in the news more for her brushes with the law and less about her acting skills.

Lindsay Was Still Active Career-Wise

Throughout her reckless period, Lindsay was active in the entertainment industry. Although she didn’t land the opportunities she probably would have with a clean reputation, she still had a few roles to talk about. She starred as a guest actor in Ugly Betty in 2008.

But a ‘power play’ with America Ferrera led the producers to cut her appearances short. In 2009, Lindsay was part of the Labor Pains. And in the year 2012, her fans saw her bring to life  ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ in Liz & Dick. She also made some money through a role in the play, Speed the Plow in 2014.

Her Turn-Around

Lindsay reached her thirties and began spending most of her time in her Dubai abode. This was mostly to avoid the spotlight or the red carpet. It was in 2018 that Lohan spoke with The New York Times about her business venture in Mykonos called Lohan Beach House. She also spoke about her plans on opening this club even in the Rhodes. During her thirties, Lohan didn’t spend much time in the entertainment world. However, she went on to develop a script for The Honeymoon with Tina Seskis and star in Sick Note, a British sitcom.

Lindsay Today

Lohan is on a reinvention mission and is focusing on her business ventures. Her new MTV show called Lindsay Lohan Beach Club. Lindsay is focusing on being her own boss and has had enough of the spotlight. She is someone who knows the pains of being the hottest gossip and the challenge of trying to make a comeback. So Lindsay has now said goodbye to trying to rescue her reputation in Hollywood and while she has had her taste of fame and money.

She only has $500K to her name now and is perhaps more infamous than famous. But she seems to have come out of the whole ordeal of her teens and twenties. She is now a stronger person and with a better outlook of life. We think Lindsay has the potential to be a real inspiration if she gets the attention she deserves. However, we also doubt Lindsay wants any more attention at all. But time alone will tell what Lohan has up her sleeves!

Money and fame are two things so many people desire and sacrifice. However, those who receive it don’t know what to do with or don’t know how to handle it. Fame and money isn’t an easy hand to be deal with and one has to be a strong and confident person. They will need a good set of values and direction to be able to survive the media, the public attention, and everything that comes with it. Lohan isn’t the only star to have tripped in stardom. But we do love that she has certainly come into her own since!

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