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The Incredible Banwa Island – $100K Buys You Just One Night!

The incredibly luxurious Banwa Private Island is the ultimate tropical retreat. It is a highly secluded, ultra-exclusive getaway that is only accessible either by helicopter or by plane. The nightly rate is one that will knock your socks off – a whopping $100K per night! The resort is designed to cater for, at most, 48 guests at a time. Tucked away in the Palawan archipelago, Banwa is one of over 7000 islands in the Philippines. Guests board a helicopter for two hours to arrive at the island, where they are greeted by six beach villas of contemporary style, 12 garden rooms, and luxurious suites dotted over the 15 acres of lush and glorious island greenery.

Naturally, with the island being so far off from civilization and with such limited accessibility, the island needs to rely on organic farming that is performed on-site for a supply of fresh produce. Of course, hand-plucked fruits and vegetables from an island is simply another luxury, right! Meals are delicately and freshly prepared at the Latitude Restaurant & Terrace which serves freshly caught seafood with the fresh produce – of course, the seafood is caught in the waters of the Sulu Sea. The chef at the restaurant is Nadedja Bouacha, a former private chef for the Royal Family of Qatar. Guests even have the option of joining the chefs in the open kitchen for a splendid cooking master class! Fresh water is supplied by means of two artesian wells that sink 500 feet below ground level, making use of the gravity of the ocean tides in order to produce an endless supply of water for consumption. The resort employs a foundation by the name of Aquos which protects the island’s indigenous wildlife and vegetation.

The founders of the island resort have pulled out all the stops to provide as many enjoyable activities and amenities available to their guests. The island features marine activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, catamaran sailing, SeaDoo-ing, and even SUPing. On land, there is a wonderfully crafted golf course that features a driving tee that is situated off the jetty with a floating target green. The golf balls are designed from fish food, so if you happen to miss, you’re doing the fish a favor! There are facilities for fitness and well-being, and for plain leisure, like a Pilates and yoga studio, a soccer pitch, beach volleyball, and tennis courts. Of course, there is a gym available as well, for all those who wouldn’t skip pumping iron not even for the sake of a $100K holiday! Unlimited daily activities include paddle boarding, jet skiing, and kayaking. Also available to guests in an unlimited measure are massage treatments and a fresh juice bar to quench your thirst like nothing else!

With this incredible arrangement all set up on the white-sanded island and surrounded by azure waters and year-round sunshine, this resort is as over-the-top and as ridiculously luxurious as it gets! The island is newly opened — has just swung open its doors, so to speak, in 2019. Something about this resort’s website tells us that this is the type of getaway that is way more than your standard all-inclusive package – they seem to cater to their guests individually, ensuring a phenomenal experience for each and every visitor. Well, with a $100K price tag, we would expect to be treated like royalty!

The exclusive resort required a decade worth of planning and development before it was ready. A special suite was designed at a point that offers magnificent 360-degree panoramic ocean views. Nearly all the rooms have their own private infinity pools, their own Jacuzzi, butler service, and breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows that create a priceless sense of freedom.

Other incredible features around the island are the dramatic World Heritage Sites, like the Tubbataha Reef, Araceli Reef, and the Puerto Princesa Underground River. These sites can be visited by overnight luxury catamaran or a helicopter tour provided by the island.

There is probably absolutely nothing that’s been overlooked in creating the ultimate island getaway when it comes to the Banwa Private Island resort.  So if you’re planning your next amazing trip somewhere special, and if you can afford it, why not plan ahead for a fantastic trip to Banwa? Of course, you will have to fight for a reservation!

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