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Lavish Lifestyle Of The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia

Most people residing outside Saudi Arabia might not have heard of the very powerful Mohammed bin Salman al Saud till his father achieved the role of the Kind in 2015. The 35-year old Mohammed was the crown prince in 2017. Only after his father Salman decided to remove Muhammad bin Nayef from the very position that he ascended the throne. While plenty of rumors were abuzz about him assuming power, we cannot say anything confidently.

How Did It All Happen?

Born to the king of Saudi Arabia, King Salman and Fahda bint Falah, his third wife, in 1985- Al Saud has now accumulated power like no other. A greater portion of the country is now under his control. After he graduated, Prince Mohammed worked for several state agencies. He became a special adviser in 2009 to his father.

Back then, the king was the governor of Riyadh. After three years, in 2012, Mohammed’s father became the crown prince after Nayef bin Abdul Aziz died. Another three years later, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz left for his heavenly abode, and then the father ascended the throne when he was 79.

How Is The Prince When In Power?

Even when he has not become the king formally, the Prince manages the lion’s share of the work. He is a ‘workaholic, who spends almost 18 hours every day in his office! Surprisingly, he isn’t open-minded about criticism. On the other hand, the Prince even won plaudits from Western world leaders. After all, the reforms he brought about in the very conservative Gulf Kingdom were indeed praiseworthy.

What About The Riches And Lifestyle Of The Prince?

Talking about the total wealth reserves of the Saudi royal family, it stands unknown even to this day. According to the House of Saud, a reliable English news resource for the Saudi royal family, the net worth is around $1.4 trillion.

As a result of the oil revenue-generating considerable growth and expansion over the years, the royal wealth has also kept piling up! At present, it’s projected that among the 15000 members of the Saudi royal family. And over 2000 of them share the fortune.

The royal family has plenty of luxurious residences worldwide, including France, Morocco, London, and Switzerland. According to The New York Times, King Salman and his son, Prince Mohammed, are often seen in ‘marble-columned palaces and countryside retreats’ in Riyadh.

If that’s not enough to describe the luxury around, most politicians, foreign dignitaries, and guests stay at the Al-Yamannah Palace. There was a point when President Obama had visited the very opulent Erga Palace. Reporters found that golden chairs and ‘gold-plated Kleenex dispensers’ were common sights! It would be no less than a crime to assume that Saudi Arabia is the only place where the riches are scattered.

What About His Collection Of Yachts, Jets, And More?

For someone like Prince Mohammed, who has no dearth of money, spending it freely is the norm! According to reports, he usually spends a few hundreds of millions on private jets, helicopters, superyachts, French chateaus, and even paintings of the rarest kind. He owns a yacht called Serene, which costs around $500 million and measures about 440 feet. It includes two helipads, a gym, a helicopter hangar, an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and a movie theater.

After vacationing in the south of France, the Prince couldn’t restrain himself from getting a massively expensive purchase. He also got hold of a French chateau in 2015, which cost him $300 million. At that time, it was popular as the ‘world’s most expensive home.’ There are 15 cabins in all inside, where 24 guests will be able to sleep.

Just two years later, in 2017, the Saudi Prince purchased the Chateau Louis XIV in Louveciennes, located to the west of Paris. Replete with a lush sound system, air conditioning, and lights, there are fountains to enhance the overall beauty of the interiors too. Coupled with these are a movie theater, a wine cellar, and a moat having a transparent, underwater chamber. Also, it deserves to mention the high-end functions, which one can control using an iPhone.

The Prince will keep adding to his existing riches and fortunes in the years to come. And that’s understandable, especially if seen from where he comes from.

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