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Why The Life of the Rich and Famous is Not As Glamorous As We Think

More often than not, we assume that celebrities have their lives together — all tied up with a neat little bow, considering the kind of lifestyle and bank account they have. We see them looking all dressed up and fabulous during red carpet events or lounging around in their infinity pools or perhaps even stepping out of their flashy sports cars to pop into the store to buy a luxury item that’s worth as much as our house. They sure look like they lead the life we all dream of, basking in freedom, wealth, luxury, happiness, and plain bliss. However, here’s a couple of confessions out of the horses’ mouths to get you rethinking!

Daniel Radcliffe: Booed As A Child

There’s never a good excuse to boo a kid, most especially if you’re a grown adult. Unfortunately, Daniel Radcliffe shares that this has happened to him when he was a kid, and finding fame as a child star thanks to Harry Potter franchise left him being forced to grow up very quickly. Radcliffe had to search for security, and we all know how insecure pre-teens and teens are without having people booing them! Radcliffe goes so far as to describe his experiences with harassing photographers as excruciating, and he remembers the feeling of being disheartened when he didn’t please people. He expressed that it was so easy as a teenager to dissolve his insecurities and fears in alcohol which is certainly a dangerous game to play!

Billie Eilish: Lost Her Teen Years

Billie Eilish became a star singer from the age of 13, and so finding fame at such a young age left her helpless in terms of what she was supposed to do in many situations. She loved singing and she was passionate about performing on stage, but she felt it would have been so much better if she was prepared for the entire package that came with being famous. She described being a celebrity as being miserable for half of the time, and everything being amazing for the other half. We think that’s actually a fair description!

Gigi Hadid: Lost Most of Her Friends

Being a supermodel sure looks like a whole lot of fun – just standing, posing, looking pretty, and getting paid handsomely for it! Well, there is a whole lot more to it, and it isn’t all as fun as it’s made out to be. Gigi Hadid explained that being in the limelight impacted her social circle a great deal. She also shares some insight, saying that in a way, it actually is a positive thing that she learned it was better to have fewer friends who were loyal and true rather than many and not knowing whether they really care about or support you.

Amy Schumer: Felt That Being Glamorous Is Like A Punishment

Schumer shared some cold hard honesty about the whole ultra-exclusive Hollywood event that has the world watching every year – the Met Gala event. Schumer’s perspective of the event is miles away from the impression you receive by looking at the pictures or reading the articles. She says the entire event feels like a farce, full of pomp and flair but empty conversations and fancy clothing. Schumer hated the entire experience, from the extravagant fashion to the small talks. Not even meeting the ‘royal’ Beyonce could change her mind about any of it!

George Clooney: Said Goodbye to Simple Pleasures

While we may think it is a mundane task to shop for groceries, celebrities can’t exactly go out whenever they want to. We often take for granted the kind of privacy we have or even the freedom we have of doing something as simple as going to our favorite bookstore or spa. But celebs are usually followed by hoards of paparazzi, snapping away and invading personal space. In fact, it can be quite dangerous for celebs, too! George Clooney revealed this and it sure makes plenty sense. His example is that he has not walked through Central Park in a decade and a half, but he would like to. Of course, he’ll have to alert his security guards first! Yeah, it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to us either!

Now that you’ve had a little peek into the lives of the rich and famous, do you really envy being booed as a child, not being able to walk in public without security guards and having to spend hours dressing up to engage in meaningless banter? We don’t think so. So here’s to the good life!


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