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Here Are Some of the Most Luxurious Resorts Owned by Top Notch Celebrities!

Celebs lead the most glamorous lives, right from living in plush apartments to going for amazing vacations, their lives are a source of great amazament and wonder for us lesser mortals. And when they open luxurious hotels, it piques our curiosity and we want to know exactly what it feels like to step into their shoes and lead a life in the lap of luxury.

Celebs today are not just happy exercising their acting talent and other talents they also want to dive deep into their business acumen and go for business ventures that can fortify their financial accounts in more ways than one. Well, these celebs certainly know how to don multiple hats and come out stronger and more powerful. So, we thought of discussing about these celebs who have earned the tag of hotelier with aplomb. Here are some glamorous entrepreneurs who has been trying their hands in the hotel business.

 Pestana CR7 (Christiano Ronaldo)

There’s no doubt that Portugal is one of the most breataking locations in this world. Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo agrees, as it is his hometown. No wonder, he wants to share this beautiful country with the rest of the world.  Pestana CR7, the gorgeous 48-room, waterfront hotel has no-prizes for guessing a distinctive football/soccer theme. The concept caught on and he opened another hotel in Lisbon in August and there are talks of more of the same opening in Madrid and New York very soon.

 Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (Hugh Jackman)

Hollywood sometimes gets too hectic for celebs like Hugh Jackman. Of course a star of the stature of the Wolverine star, he needs some where luxurious and far from the hectic world of films to relax and rejuvenate. Thankfully he has his own wellness resort, the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat to seek solace.

You can locate this eco-feriendly hotel in Australia’s Gold Coast. However, you have to cater to some of its healthy protocols to visit here, as it does not allow things like cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine. Well, we have no doubt that this is the perfect antidote to the hectic world we grapple with everyday. Jackman often flies to the place himself to snatch a few days of peace and quiet.

 The Greenwich Hotel (Robert De Niro)

Robert De Niro is not only one of the greatest actors of his generation, but also one of the greatest hoteliers of his generation. The Academy Award-winning star is part owner of several grand hotels such as Tribeca Grill, Nobu, and The Greenwich Hotel.

The hotel opened in 2008, and is one of the hippest hotels you can find with 88-rooms!  He is also exploring his  hospitality talents as he may open several other propertoes in this bracket such as The Wellington Hotel, a new luxury property in London’s Covent Garden neighborhood.

Musha Cay (David Copperfield)

Bahamas is one of the most picturesque locals around the world, no wonder it caught the eye of Famed illusionist David Copperfield, who spotted Exumas and sure enough it gave wings to his business ideas.  For travelers who are seeking a cozy haven away from the prying eyes of the world, the 150-acre private island into Musha Cay, is the property you must be looking for.

You can bring along your family, friends as you may have 24 guests who are allowed at one time. Looks like quite the perfect place to hang out and have one with your near and dear ones.

 Cromlix (Andy Murray)

Andy Murray, the former professional British Tennis player and former number one likes to live life, king size! Interested in the hotel business too, he went ahead and bought the Cromlix House, a stunning 1874 Victorian mansion quite near to where he was born, Scotland, and completely transformed the building.

He opened its doors to the general public in 2014,  it has been scaling the popularity heights, no wonder the Scottish Hotel Awards was named the Cromlix Hotel of the Year just twenty seven days after opening. The renovated country house boasts of 10 bedrooms and five suites, and a tennis court and a chapel. It is just a few miles from his hometown of Dunblane, and he bought it for £1.9m. It has been dubbed as a national treasure.

Well, these are some of the actors/celebs/hoteliers who have been acing their game in the hotel industry. Wouldn’t you love to pay a visit to these luxurious havens?


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