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Meet The Richest And Most Famous Pets In The World!

You probably know someone who possesses a million-dollar bank balance. But did you know that animals can also have a bank account of their own? You heard it right. Believe it or not, there are some pets in this world who boast of a bulging account without ever having the intention of earning millions for their owners. In case you want substantial proof of that, read on and meet the richest and most famous pets in the world!

Bubbles — $2 million

The cool chimpanzee had a whale of a time on Neverland Ranch with none other than the late Michael Jackson. After the King of Pop breathed his last, Bubbles inherited a whopping $2 million. Afterwards, he shifted his base back to Florida. However, Bubbles is not too keen on leading a laid-back life. He is busy painting these days, and his work sells for as much as $700 to $750 at several auctions. The entire amount goes for a noble cause and benefits the Center for Great Apes in Florida’s Wauchula, where he now resides. Great gesture from the chap!

Tara The Hero Cat — $1.85 million

Tara is a hero and a true one at that. According to reports, Tara had saved the life of a four-year-old boy from what would have been a deadly dog attack in 2014. Of course, Tara is much smaller in comparison to the dog, but she had the guts to chase the dog away. After she made sure that the dog wouldn’t return, she came back and checked on the little boy. Tara was injured and needed some stitches here and there, but the little one was hale and hearty. This whole episode was captured on a CCTV and even got uploaded on YouTube. She garnered a fanbase real fast. From making several appearances in public as well as the media, she has notched up a bank balance of $1.85 million! A worthy bank balance for a hero!

Blackie — $12.5 million

Blackie is is a British cat who has made his way to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s richest cat. His total net worth has been estimated to be $12.5 million. After the death of Ben Rhea, an antique dealer, Blackie inherited his master’s wealth for being the only surviving member of Ben’s family of 15 cats. Aside from giving his fortune to his cat, Rhea gave his home to a close friend and also left a part of his earnings for his mechanic, gardener, and plumber. A big-hearted person he was!

Gigoo — $15 million

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to be a dog or a cat in order to rake in sum huge bucks from affluent owners. Gigoo the chicken is a proud bird with a staggering $15 million. Miles Blackwell, the late publisher, was very fond of his pet, and after he left for his heavenly abode, Blackwell left a part of his wealth — $15 million, to be exact — to his beloved pet Gigoo to make sure that she lives a comfortable life for the rest of her days. Last we heard, Gigoo continues to lead a peaceful life in the British countryside. Of course, Blackwell also allowed much of his money to charity, but he never forgot to include his beloved pet in his last will.

Gunther IV — $375 million

The adorable German Shepherd spends his life in luxury in Germany and why wouldn’t he? After all, he has inherited a colossal $375 million from Gunther III, his dad, who received the money in legacy from countess Karlotta Leibenstein who breathed her last in 1991, leaving behind a good $106 million for her dog. Trustees made use of the money by investing it. Slowly, it grew up to $400 million. Gunther IV reportedly purchased a villa from Madonna at a price tag of more than $3 million. That’s a feat that most of us can only dream of, but lucky Gunther made it a reality!

Olivia Benson — $97 million

Olivia Benson is one of Taylor Swift’s trio of cats. Though Swift owns her, Olivia prefers to earn her own money instead of relying on Swift. She is a regular on Taylor’s Instagram account and has also appeared alongside her owner for popular brands like Diet Coke and Keds. Swift has confessed that she derives a lot of inspiration from her cats.

Isn’t it wonderful to look at these pets leading such a cool life? Of course, it seems a bit weird at first, but the more you read about them, you more you become overwhelmed.

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