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Nick Mason’s Massive Car Collection Will Leave You Comfortably Numb…Err…Dumbstruck

Nicholas Berkeley Mason or just Nick Mason is a renowned figure in the world of music. The English drummer is one of the founders of the iconic Pink Floyd, the progressive rock music group. Nick is the only member of the band to feature on every album released by Pink Floyd. Since 1965, he is the only constant member of the group. He is credited for co-writing Time, Echoes, One of These Days, and Careful with That Axe, Eugene, among other Pink Floyd compositions.

Despite being close to 80, Nick is pretty active in the musical circuit and has no intention to retire. He has a massive car collection that will leave you dumbstruck. Below is a list of his fabulous ensemble.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

There is a rare fleet of Ferraris in Nick’s collection, including a GTB/4 Daytona, a 512S racer, and an F40. However, he adores his Ferrari 250 GTO the most. Only 36 of this model were built. He bought one for something in the ballpark of £37,000 back in the 70s decade. A lot of time has passed since then and now, if the auction results in recent times are taken into consideration, the four-wheeler will cost you approximately £40 million. However, that hasn’t deterred Nick from letting the grand tourer loose several times at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

1955 Jaguar D-Type

The D-type Jaguars used to be equally curvaceous as those competition cars that arrived in the 50s decade. According to Mason, this four-wheeler was among the most beautiful ones in the sports racing car category and it still holds on to its charm. If you have a look at the sinuous shell, there is no chance you will not agree with what Nick has to say. The Jaguar came out with flying colors at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for consecutive three years. This goes on to prove that the model was aerodynamically advanced during that time. Nick has no intention to sell this car off. If he ever wants to list this car at an auction, the Jaguar would fetch him something close to £10 million.

1927 Bugatti Type 35B

As per the marque, the Bugatti Type 35B was the most successful racing car in the world during its time. Nick has always been crazy about motorsports. Therefore, it was pretty normal for him to include an alcohol-fuelled Grand Prix model in his collection. He bought the 1927 Bugatti back in the 70s and raced the supercharged speedster in the 80s decade. The blue beast continues to set the road on fire even today, post some vigorous fuel pressure. This is one of Nick’s most prized possessions.

1957 Maserati 250F

Several machines in Nick Mason’s collection can be used for racing purposes. From the Porsche 962 to the Ferrari 312 T3, all have been used for races. However, there is only one machine from his garage that was voted the greatest racing car in the world back in 2009 and that is his 1957 Maserati 250F. Lightweight, streamlined, and enchanting, the iconic Fifties Formula One racer was driven by people such as Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio. Only 26 of these models were built and Nick owns one. Undoubtedly, the 1957 Maserati 250F continues to be still close to his heart.

1901 Panhard 5-litre

The 1901 Panhard is possibly the oldest machine in Nick Mason’s collection. The beautiful Roi-Des-belles coachwork is one of the attractive aspects of this four-wheeler. It’s an out-and-out vintage motor, Among the various features that the French automobile boasts of, it has a 4-cylinder, 5-liter engine that has a power of 24 bhp. It’s a four-seater and can carry people from London to Brighton. Nick Mason has driven the four-wheeler plenty of times during the 54-mile Veteran Car Run in November.

1996 McLaren F1 GTR

Having a McLaren F1 GTR in one’s collection is, of course, a special thing. As per numerous testimonials, it’s the greatest supercar to have been created. Now, if someone owns a GTR track variant in your garage, nothing can get better than that. According to sources, Nick used to own an IndyCar that Ron Dennis, the boss of McLaren had his eyes on. He swapped his GTR with that IndyCar and thereby, became the owner of something most people dream of having.

A 1935 Aston Martin Ulster and a 1953 Ferrari 250MM are the other two four-wheelers Nick Mason owns. With a staggering net worth of $180 million, Nick can afford any supercar he wants.

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