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Oprah’s Montecito Mansion Is Nothing Like You Imagine A Billionaire’s Home To Be!

Oprah Winfrey is among the most influential and powerful people across the globe today. She is one of the most famous public figures and her success is immense. In spite of her overwhelming media presence, Oprah has, thus far, managed to keep her private life under wraps. But she recently let her guard down and now is the chance we have been waiting for – to learn all about Oprah and her personal life!

The fact that Oprah has managed to accumulate a staggering net worth exceeding $3 billion through her media career leaves us begging the question: how does Oprah live? The world has been eager to know just what the famous Oprah Winfrey’s home is like and here we are to tell you all about it!

Of the many homes that she owns, the most interesting one is her Montecito property. Montecito is one of the USA’s richest communities (listings in the area range between $1 million and $85 million!), located east of Santa Barbara. Oprah’s California property is certainly no secret, but she has done a good job of divulging very few details about her home — so the most that is really known about her home is what it looks like from the outside. She didn’t let everyone in on how many rooms she had, the décor, or even the general structure of it.

Oprah had been to Montecito on many occasions before she found her dream home. It was in 2001 when by mere coincidence, Oprah was invited to a party at a Montecito mansion. Oprah found that the scope of the home amazed her and left her breathless. Oprah was so taken by the home that she simply had to have it. At the time, it belonged to Robert Veloz. The 2,000-square-foot stone gatehouse was not for sale, though. Of course, this is Oprah we are talking about, so where there was no opportunity, she did what she is known to do – create one! She offered Veloz an eye-watering check of $52 million. As you can expect, a monster check like that has the power to move mountains, and it certainly moved Robert Veloz out of the house!

More about this Montecito mansion – it was built in 1912, but over time, the estate underwent several renovations and remodels. The property stretches over 23,000 square feet. From the grounds, there is a view of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The mansion was completed in 1959 and has a value of a whopping $88 million. There are 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, and 6 bedrooms in this huge house. It features numerous luxurious amenities — from a wine cellar to home theater and everything in between.

Oprah started out in search for a name for her beloved new home, and when she proposed, Tara II, to her friend Bob Greene, he objected as the house was too grand for such a simple name. Bob guided Oprah by reminding her of her roots in poverty in Mississippi and how humbling it was that she was able to purchase such an exquisite home at this point. The name came to Bob in an instant – the Promised Land.

The foyer has a gorgeous banister that hugs the sides of a neat white staircase. The walls are an inviting and warm yellow, and there are several framed photographs of Oprah’s nearest and dearest loved ones. The reading room contains Oprah’s personal library, and it is no secret that reading is the media mogul’s favorite pastime. Bookcases are jam-packed but organized within, and there is an arrangement of comfortable furniture. The dining room holds an impressive ten-person dining table and an assortment of candelabras, and a rug rests beneath the huge table. Oprah’s bathroom is exquisite. It is in warm earthy colors and features a huge glass shower and a deep bamboo finish bathtub. Her closet is a room of floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes with a great big shoe display cabinet in the center, boasting Oprah’s fashionable clothing and shoes.

Oprah turned the home next door into her very own tea-house, with a glorious entryway covered in wisteria and flanked by pink roses. The tea house is a digital-free space for reflection, meditation, and relaxation. Oprah’s living room is a cozy and homely space with warm colors and cozy sofas. Moving into the kitchen, it is a warm space with every state-of-the-art facilities and plenty room for guests to join Oprah as she prepares them a home-cooked meal.  Oprah went further and purchased the adjacent horse ranch for $28.85 million which borders her home property.

Oprah’s home, overall, is more of a traditional home than the ultra-modern glitz and glamor you would expect from a billionaire!  This media mogul has a wonderfully modest and inviting home – who would have guessed!

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