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Popular Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Making Big Investments in Real Estate

Real estate is fast turning out to be Hollywood’s favorite side hustle even threatening to become the main hustle. Real estate has fantastic scope when it comes to building wealth and this is the main reason why well-off investors are investing in real estate. Most Hollywood celebrities are putting their money to good use. Some are even getting a real estate license to save more on additional costs and double up their earnings. Check out some of the more famous Hollywood celebrities who are dabbling in real estate and setting an example of making sound investment choices.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

Celebritydom often rests on shaky ground, one moment you are doing well yourself, and the next moment you find things are turning bad. Ellen DeGeneres’s main hustle is definitely being a comedienne but now she is working her way up the real estate ladder.  Of course, she has support from Portia De Rossi, (her partner in real life) and together they are doing a great job in making hot shot deals and bringing in the money. One of their most profitable ventures is Brody House which they bought for $40 million and earned a cool $15 million profit. Together they have made some money-making deals, selling houses in Southern California selling off to celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Ryan Seacrest, and Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO)

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston has been the perfect example of a star who does it all and she does it with great aplomb, right from her acting stint, to being an entrepreneur, to being a movie producer, she has been smart about her ventures and always earned good money out of them. She exercised her sharp sense of business acumen when she joined the real estate bandwagon. She was just dipping her toes in the real estate business when she realized that she is certainly good at it.  She bought a Beverly Hills Mansion and then sold it off pocketing a cool profit. She bought the property for $q13.5 million and renovated it investing time and money. Her passion project went on to feature in the Architectural Digest.

The publicity that came with it helped her sell off the property fat $35 million and she got to earn an enormous profit thanks to her well-honed entrepreneurial strategies. She made a similar investment in a Bel-Air mansion that she bought with her former husband, Justin Theroux at $21 million. A few years later with several renovations thrown into the mixture, she sold the house at $75 million.

Alexander Rodriguez

The erstwhile Yankee (All-Star) of course had a great career, to begin with. But he decided to double up his money-making efforts by giving real estate a go.  He also has been the co-founder of Newport Property Construction in 2008. The company dabbles in renovating homes for families, focus on custom-building projects, and concentrates on high-end residential expansion. He is also the CEO of A-Rod Corp, his real estate company.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has been brushing up his acting game for years now. He has been also trying to add more to his bloated bank account by making some really good real estate investments. He bought his Malibu home in 2020 and spent just $10 million in 2007, he sold it off at $15 million, earning a substantial profit in the bargain. He has a fleet of trailers (Airstream) in Malibu that doubles up as his office space. He also has a 10,000-square-foot home in Austin where he likes to spend time with his family.

Austin is not only his hometown, but it is where his career took off and where he procured his real estate license. It’s also the place where he realized he had a thing for real estate and Austin has really been lucky for the Lincoln Lawyer actor. He took it to the next level by investing in the Luxury Kukio Resort, Bih Island in Hawaii which he bought at $7.8 million.

Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf

These tennis legends are also looking to build their real estate fortune and they are doing it with great aplomb.  They even launched Agassi-Graf Development in the mid-2000s as they started making a foray into the luxury hotels and resorts. They are also associated with the 650-acre estate in Costa Rica (gated community). These boutique hotels are worth $800 million and consist of 2000 homes, a huge golf course, and a spa.

We are certainly expecting more and more celebs to join the real estate bandwagon and why not it is certainly becoming a lucrative business venture for the ones (celebs) who are investing in it.

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