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The Reason Why Nicole Kidman Banned Electronic Devices in Her Home

Nicole Kidman has a strict rule whereby she doesn’t allow any of her kids to use electronic devices or internet inside their home and she has good reasons for this. Kidman is one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood who is married to Kieth Urban. The pair have two children together,Sunday and Faith, and they live in their family home in Tennessee. The couple try their best to ensure that her children do to not get addicted t0 digital gadgets or the internet, hence the ban on all electronic devices inside their home.

The actress said that they go through times when they keep the television switched off for days as a way to detox from the information they are being fed by the media. She also recommends this rule to any parents who want to reduce the time their kids spend on electronic and digital devices.

Like many people, she worries about all the information her children are exposed to at such a young age. To help the children destress and remain entertained, the family keeps animals inside their home. The actress who was raised in a Catholic family says that church has always been an important part of her life which is why she enjoys spending time with her kids at the Sunday mass.

To free her family from all the troubles in the world caused by technology and shield them from the stress, Kidman strictly enforces this rule inside the house at all times. What do you think of this rule? For some families, it is virtually impossible to live without electronic devices.

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