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The Richest American Idol Contestants, RANKED!

The craze around ‘American Idol’ is justified. One of the world’s most popular and iconic shows- it’s a ‘superstar’ building machine, and most participants have benefited largely. Way back in 2002, when Kelly Clarkson launched her career, American Idol attracted most people to be a long-running singing competition. It gradually became a success story after some ‘lucrative runs’ of a few fellow contestants occurred in this show. Over the years, several seasons happened, and several contestants also released hit albums and singles, got awards, and moved into the world of TV and films. Some have made big money via endorsements and launching effective side ventures too. Here are a few rich ones whose life stories changed after their participation in the show.

David Cook (Season 7) & David Archuleta (Season 7) – $5 Million

The two went almost on ahead-to-head in Seasn7, but there was a tie! In 2008, Archuleta released his debut, which became a chart-topper. Then came a few more albums, and he consistently earned awards and nominations, like Teen Choice Awards and World Music Awards. On the other hand, Cook released a platinum-certified record in 2008, alongside a few albums and hut singles. He became a household name by signing numerous endorsement deals of famous companies like Sketchers.

Elliott Yamin (Season 5) – $6 Million

Yamin’s notable hit ‘Wait for You’re released in 2007, after which he came up with a few more studio albums and a bunch of hit singles. He stood third that year for ‘American Idol.’

Kellie Pickler (Season 5) – $7 Million

Parker moved into country music and enjoyed a high success rate, post her ‘American Idol’ days. With songs like ‘Red High Heels’ and many albums after that, she tried her luck with ‘Dancing With the Star’ and was quite a favorite. Besides these, she even hosted a talk show titled ‘Pickler & Ben’ and starred in a few hallmark Channel movies too. A multitalented woman truly!

Jordin Sparks (Season 6) – $8 Million

Remember those radio hits’ Battlefield’ or ‘No Air’? Since the time she won ‘American Idol,’ Jordin ensured she tried her luck in several domains, including movies, endorsement deals. Her fragrance line has been another notable endeavor.

Chris Daughtry (Season 5) – $8 Million

Daughtry named his band after his surname and became the proud recipient of prestigious awards and nominations like Grammy, just after his run was over in the fifth season of ‘American Idol.’ He was a commercially successful artist and enjoyed the appreciation and acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Katharine McPhee (Season 5) – $14 Million

After a string of records, following her No.2 charting debut, McPhee wasn’t the person who would settle down with just a singing career. After 2007, she made up her mind to enter the world of TV shows and movies, and she did too. There were several movies she was a part of and shone through! Names like Scorpion and Smash are worthwhile mentions.

Adam Lambert (Season 8) – $30 Million

Don’t we know this maestro? Over a decade long, Adam’s career in pop music occurred after he debuted with ‘For Your Entertainment. He was also the frontman at the tour with ‘Queen.’ He knows how to electrify the audiences in live shows since he joined the singing fraternity.

Jennifer Hudson (Season 3) – $30 Million

Jennifer carved a successful career in music and then made history as the winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in ‘Dreamgirls.’ This award also marks her becoming the youngest African-American to have won in the category of competitive acting. Later on, she starred in the biopic ‘Resort,’ based on the life of Aretha Franklin.

Kelly Clarkson (Season 1) – $35 Million

The first-ever award winner for American Idol became the singer having a prestigious music career. Hits like ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)’, and ‘Since U Been Gone’ occurred, and then she also proved her might and skill on TV. Kelly acted as a coach in the famous’ The Voice’ and her show called ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show, exploring her hosting abilities.

Apart from these artists, Carrie Underwood, the winner of Season 4, has a net worth of approx $140 million! Now you know what bucks these celebs might be making. Although the reality show guarantees a bonny sum of cash and a recording contract for those who make it to the top, that doesn’t mean the winning contestants can sit on a truckload of money for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, losers become more commercially successful than the winners. It is great to find some of the fan-favorite contestants made a lot of money in the process. They are among the lucky few, we must add.

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