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Six Insanely Expensive Things that Cardi B Owns!

Belcalis Almanzar, also popular as Cardi B, has a unique rag to riches story to tell. From growing up in a humble South Bronx neighborhood to her current superstar status, she has indeed come a long way. Her breakthrough Bodak Yellow song currently enjoys 200 million views. She is also one of the first solo female rappers who reached the number one spot in twenty years.

Rapper Cardi B has arrived, and how! People love to hear about the personal touches she adds to each of her songs. She has a great career, and she also loves to live it up and buying some of the most expensive clothes, jewelry, cars, and more. She is also candid about her latest purchases and shares them on social media with her fans. However, she does not only buy things for herself but also for her husband and cute little munchkin.

A Shoe Collection to Die For

Cardi’s enormous collection of shoes comes in every style and shade. She has often confessed on her many TV appearances that she does not worry about which shade to buy. She wants it all.  Though we don’t know much about how much she spends on it exactly, we guess it’s around $5,000 per week on footwear and other luxuries.

A Garage Full Of Cars

Cardi got herself a burnt orange Bentley Bentayaga SUV that set her back by $240,000. Well, she had her reasons to buy this expensive car even if she did not have a driver’s license at that time. She said candidly, she went ahead and bought it because she wanted to take pictures with it. Her super-car love extended to purchasing more of the same, and her garage has a fleet of Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Aventador, and Mercedes G Wagen.

Bling on Her Watch

Cardi’s diamond watch is worth, $100,000  and she even showed her diamond-encrusted watch to her fans on IG when she bought it. She also spoke about it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and other talk shows. However, she refrained from mentioning the brand. That’s not the only watch she owns. She’s added more to her blingy watch collection since then. And she has been adding many rose gold watches, which cost her around $150,000 each.

The Lola Bunny Chain

When Cardi rounded off her first performance at Coachella for the first time, she also had a necklace encrusted with white gold and diamonds, complete with a diamond bunny pendant. She kept the jeweler on tenterhooks, though, and only gave it the go-ahead right before the show, so he had to rush to get the chain ready. The stunning set is diamond-encrusted and costs around $400,000. Her favorite set also has a chain in tow, a heavy white gold chain that looks great.

Her Atlanta Home

For Christmas 2019, Cardi and her husband, Offset, gave their fans a tour on Instagram. The 22,000 square foot white mansion, and though it had a selling price of $5.8M. The building has three stories, with a large garage and beautiful columns at the front entrance give her home a certain character and aura.

This mansion has all the amenities one would look for in a house. But what took our attention was the usual bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen. Besides that, it has a wet bar, a beautiful lounge, a games room, another secondary kitchen on the terrace. If you want to make your cooking interesting and refreshing, barbecuing while overlooking the pool seems like a fine idea.

The Titanic Diamond

While Cardi has many expensive jewels, her most precious one seems to be the one Offset gave her, for reasons other than the price tag. The 100-carat diamond ring is worth around $4M. The 15-carat center stone, also known as the Titanic Diamond in a two-band design, accented with smaller heart-shaped white and soft pink diamonds. Offset’s queen certainly deserves it and more.

While she may have many other expensive possessions in her kitty, these certainly seem to be one of her favorites. We love the way Cardi always keeps it real and is her candid cool self, and gives glimpses of her pricey possession to her fans! While she has reached the zenith of her success, she doesn’t forget her roots. Maybe that’s why fans adore her since her songs represent her honesty and pure soul.

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