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These Three Celebrities Have Stunning, Eco-Friendly Homes!

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of the increasing need to save our environment, and we can all start at home and incorporate small but meaningful changes to help save the one planet we have. A lot of people are adopting these changes and making their house eco-friendly. Even celebrities have caught up with this trend. When we see our favorite stars doing the right thing and contributing towards saving nature, it gives us a lot of inspiration. A number of stars from Hollywood have already made changes in their lifestyles – turned vegan, bought electric cars to save fuel,  or even put up solar panels on the roofs of their homes. Here are a few celebrities with green homes to inspire you:

Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts has millions of fans who love her performances on screen. And now, we love her all the more because of her dedication in making changes to her house to make it more eco-friendly. The 51-year-old actress bought the house across the street from her $9.5-million Malibu house which means she has one huge compound now. Along with her husband, she has invested $20 million to build vegetable patches, greenhouses, a skatepark, a yurt, and a mini soccer field. They have also put solar panels on their roofs to make their house a little greener. Roberts, Danny Moder, and their three children welcome other kids from the community to come over and have some fun in their compound. Well, we are definitely more in love with this pretty woman with a generous heart.

Jessica Alba

The actress who came up with the whole idea of the Honest Company and turned it into a billion-dollar company would be conscious about the environment — that is quite obvious. Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills house is listed for $6.2 million in the market. But the actress did a great job on it to make it eco-friendly. She even changed her lifestyle — for example, she started taking short showers and changed her water bottle into a non-disposable one. As for her house, she made sure it was sunny, airy, and had lots of natural light. This would eliminate the need to switch on the light during day time and also keep the house warmer during colder days.

Lisa Ling

The longtime host of CNN’s This Is Life, Lisa Ling lives in a lovely eco-friendly home in Santa Monica. After buying this house years back along with her oncologist husband, they decided to tear it down so that they can build it from scratch, and it took three long years! The end result was a four-bedroom home that is as green as it can get. How eco-friendly is it? Well, it has a solar-powered generator! True to their roots, they have not forgotten to include some Asian-inspired decorations. Green and chic!

Though most of us regular folk can’t easily afford solar panels, there are numerous other ways to contribute in saving the environment. Start now!


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