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These Celebrities Are The Best At Managing Their Money

Celebrities being overwhelmed by the amount of money that they’re making and then going broke is pretty sad and happens quite often. However, it’s pretty heartwarming when they actually do know what they’re doing when it comes to their personal finances. Either they are financial geniuses or simply have some talented advisors on their side, but they really manage to pull through. We’re talking about celebrities who may not have had much at the time when they started rising to fame and glory and slowly began to establish their wealth, and are still going pretty strong without any huge mistakes that might cause them to lose money. Too often, we’ll see celebrities who have worked so hard to get to where they are, to all see it come crashing down due to poor financial planning. Today, we’re taking a look at celebrities who have managed and are managing to keep their finances stable with a positive trajectory!

Kim Kardashian

You may have mixed feelings about Kim Kardashian, but you’ve got to admit, she knows what she’s doing when it comes to utilizing her fame as part of her business model! A lot of people are like Justin Beiber and ride the temporary wave that they receive, but Kim handled all the drama thrown her way like a pro. She didn’t hold back and kept the world entertained with every step she took. Aside from the hit reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has also managed to earn a fortune through her make-up line KKW Beauty. The paparazzi stay close to her at all times, and Kim managed to influence pop culture so much that you’d think it was almost impossible for a single person to have such an impact.  However, if you doubt our words, ask yourself this question: do you know a single person who hasn’t heard of Kim Kardashian’s name? She’s worth an estimated $350 million right now which is far more than what she was worth only a few years ago. Back in the 2000s, she couldn’t have even dreamed that a relatively ordinary person like herself would rise to become such an icon.

Dwayne Johnson

Not only is Dwayne a pro with his finances, but he also knows how to keep up his public image. He’s one of the most popular public figures out there today, and there’s a good reason behind that. First off, Dwayne makes sure that he gets pretty awesome roles for the movies that he acts in. Years of hard work and acquiring gravitas enabled him to do that. He’s known as The Rock and he’s really spun the media industry to make it far better than it was before he left the world of the WWE and entered the starlight world of Hollywood. Most people who know about him see him in a positive light, and that’s one of the hardest things to achieve as a celebrity. He’s got an estimated net worth of $220 million, and assuming he doesn’t make any mistakes that end up becoming legal trouble, he’ll continue to stack up these dollars and living the near-perfect life that he’s got.

Taylor Swift

One good thing about Taylor is that she’s never part of any controversies. Yes, she might have a whole lot of breakups behind her, but that’s really the only extent of negativity that she has had to go through. Other than that, she’s not really into politics which isn’t taken too well by a lot of fans. However, staying away from controversial topics has helped her in the long run since she hasn’t upset anyone much at all. She just does her thing which is to sing euphonious, albeit sad, pop songs that are popular among millions of fans worldwide! She’s got a net worth of $320 million at only 29!

Through pure caution or with the help of financial advice, Taylor has made sure that she’s not overspending whatsoever and has more than enough money in her bank account to weather out pretty much anything. She’s probably going to continue going down this road and live a pretty comfortable life from what we can see.

The abovementioned celebrities prove that not all stars are irresponsible and careless with their wealth. They are truly setting an example to those living outside of Hollywood how to manage money and what one can do to maximize any and everything they have.

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