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How Will Ferrell Turned Comedy into a Goldmine

Will Ferrell invested in laughing business of comedy to reap millions of dollars. While many celebrities are investing in startups, food, clothing or tech niche, Ferrell started a comedy website, Funny Or Die in 2007. Funny or Die produces and distributes videos that has contributors like Zach Galifianakis, Judd Apatow, and James Franco. Funny or Die has raised money from a Silicon Valley firm Sequoia Capital and partnered with HBO.

The comedy business has done well over the years with some of its enveavours like ‘@Midnight,’ and ‘Drunk History,’ making it as full-fledged television shows. In 2015, the investment was valued at $200 million. Ferrell has invested massively in comedy over the years. In 2018, he set his mind on the Eurovision Song Contest.

It is expected that Ferrell will team up with Andrew Steele, the writer for Saturday Night Live, to create a hilarious script for the show which will have Adam McKay as the executive producer. Netflix is a fertile ground for comedy and Ferrell is taking advantage of it.

Chris Rock reportedly earned a whopping $40 million for his stand-up comedy shows and he aims to create more amazing contents for viewers worldwide who have varying tastes in entertainment.

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