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Yes, They Exist! These Five Celebrities Still Live On A Shoestring Budget Despite Earning Millions

When celebs make their presence felt on the red carpet, donning all those glittering diamonds and those designer gowns, or hit the headlines when they go on shopping sprees, you might have often made assumptions about how colossal their net worth is and what more could they splurge their money on. However, many of these celebrities often borrow their red carpet outfits and all those dripping accessories. Even though some of them keep their credit cards busy, the majority of these stars is amazingly frugal. Here below are five celebs who are far from being spendthrift and quite surprisingly frugal. Have a read.

Ed Sheeran Survives on Just $1K Every Month

Ed Sheeran might be one of the most popular and best-selling musicians in today’s times. However, if you look at his spending habits, you would be certainly taken aback. The singer had opened a bank account during his student days and surprisingly, still uses it. No extravagance in his life, whatsoever. He gives himself an allowance of a meager $1,000 every month and survives on that amount without spending an extra penny. The singer is truly an inspiration to many who try to lead a lavish lifestyle and splurge on stuff at the drop of a hat. He advises everyone never to be wasteful and that, indeed, is a perfect philosophy.

Lady Gaga Hunts Out For Discount Coupons

Lady Gaga has everything that is needed to lead an extravagant life. She has got money, fame, and numerous awards in her kitty. The singer has even laid her hands on an Oscar for “Shallow”, the number from A Star Is Born. What more do you need? Wouldn’t you be shocked if you are told that she is always on the lookout for coupons and always prefers to haunt the sale racks when she shops for clothes? The music icon doesn’t even care about the reactions she might get. Lady Gaga feels it’s absolutely normal to use coupons for grocery or bargain while at the local retail store. Well, that’s the attitude that people love. Awesome, isn’t it?

Tiffany Haddish’s Designer Purse Is Not An Authentic One

She might have touched the zenith of fame and success with her scintillating portrayal in Girls Trip, but the comedian is in no mood to shell out cash so easily. She used to own a Honda HR-V and she prefers to stick to it. Buying a brand new car is not on the cards for the next two to three years, it seems. She has confessed that even though she owns a real Givenchy bag and has been gifted a Fendi bag by Jada Pinkett Smith, the Michael Kors purse that she owns is a fake one. Tiffany also revealed that she even found herself homeless once, and this experience has taught her the value of money. Looks like this is going to be her way of life for a long time.

Kristen Bell’s Wedding Cost Was Under $200

The Good Place star is also popular for being the voice behind Anna in Frozen. She is another star who is known to have immense love for coupons. Her favorite ones are from Bed Bath & Beyond since they give you a good 20% off, and you could even save $80 and above on air-conditioners. Dax Shepherd, her husband, seems to be in love with Bell’s frugal ways and her lifestyle. Dax even confessed that the couple’s courthouse wedding expenses in 2013 was not more than $200! Can you beat that? Take a bow, guys!

Keira Knightley’s Total Expenses In A Year Doesn’t Cross $50K

The Pirates of the Carribean actress is a darling of the crowd and has charmed her way into people’s hearts with her performance in Pride & Prejudice. Her net worth is around $60 million, but, in an interview with the popular magazine, Glamour, she revealed that she survives on $50,000 every year. Really? She believes that living an expensive and lavish lifestyle implies that you wouldn’t be able to hang out with folks who are not accustomed to that kind of a lifestyle. She thinks it kind of alienates you. Knightley says that she finds comfort at those places which are the least luxurious. Way to go, Keira!

These celebrities are, indeed, inspiring for folks who are trying to cut down on their expenses as well as those who don’t think twice before splurging. These guys have all the means in the world and can acquire anything they desire. But they have realized the value of proper financial planning and lead their life accordingly. Praiseworthy!

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