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You’ll Never Guess How Young These Billionaires Are!

When we hear the word ‘billionaire’ our mind can immediately go to picturing an older person who doesn’t really care about much anymore except for maintaining their business and perhaps even looking to be in partial retirement and enjoying life outside of the spotlight. Or, you might also think of men who’re desperately trying to increase the influence of their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, what we don’t realize is that there are plenty of young people who are also billionaires. A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg stole the attention due to him being the youngest billionaire on earth. However, the time has passed since that landmark, and there happen to be a lot of new faces that are filling in the shoes billionaires worldwide. Some of them have even succeeded, making more than he had at their ages. While a lot of young billionaires inherit their money from their previously billionaire parents, some of these people in their 20s have made all of made or created their fortunes themselves, and that’s definitely something to be admired. Anyone with that sort of money at such a young age has already amassed more money than most groups of adults if they were to combine their yearly salaries together. Lets get started into who exactly we’re talking about.

Alexandra Andresen – 22 Years, $1.5 Billion

Alexandra Andresen  is one of those lucky few who just needed to be born in order to be wildly successful in terms of money. At the age of 21, she’s officially the world’s youngest billionaire and is helping her sister manage the company that their father previously started and owned. The company that she and her sister inherited is responsible for investment banking, and is called Ferd and is currently located in Norway. Alexandra is doing pretty well with her sister as of now and was granted 42.2% of the company’s shares when their father sadly passed away. This happened just in 2007, and Alexandra has made huge strides in making herself capable of handling the $1.4 billion dollars that she’s now worth. Most people aged 21 these days are attending university or going through an “existential crises” about life, but Alexandra’s pretty much on top of the world and easily in the top 0.1% of the world in terms of net worth. We’re still curious to see what Alexandra does with her money as the year’s pass. With her father’s genes, she could easily revolutionize the world.

Gustav Magnar Witzoe – 26 Years, $3 Billion

Gustav struck gold when his father gave him a huge stake in his business, Salmar ASA, which he first started in 1991. The company really took off more than either of them could have possibly predicted, and in 2013, Gustav’s father decided to give him a huge chunk of the family business. That’s all that Gustav needed in order to establish himself into a tycoon with money invested into all sorts of businesses. While he’s making a substantial amount from Salmar ASA, he’s also tied to multiple startups and even invests in real estate which he thinks could get him huge profits later on. He’s currently worth $3 billion dollars, which is an increase from last year, and with the ambition and skill sets like his, we’re sure this number is only going to get bigger as Gustav gets older.

John Collison, 28 Years, $1 Billion

Collison made the best decision of his life when he started creating Stripe, a company that integrates payment systems within business apps and websites. He’s helped numerous businesses generate profits which they otherwise couldn’t have done, and he’s also made a whole lot of money off of it! He co-founded the business, so it’s safe to assume that anyone who’s worked with him during the creation of the business will also be obscenely rich. John’s made a billion dollars off of the business, and he looks like he’s just getting started. In due time, he might be as successful as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. His skills in technology will definitely see him create more solutions for the world. We’ll keep waiting for the next big venture that John comes up with, and we’re sure it’s going to be a massive hit in the business world!

These are just a few of the business tycoons of this earth, and there are a lot more! We’re excited to see how these young people are going to change the world!



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