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YouTubers Who Rose to Fame Through Talent and Hard Work!

Before 2005 we never knew about its existence and since it has taken over our minds. Yes, we are talking about Youtube. It has become our “go-to” website for streaming videos. Well, you may not know about actors and actresses, but you may know about these famous YouTubers whose life changed the day their videos went viral.

These people are ensuring their voice gets heard among a crowd of billions. These YouTubers mean business, and they are exactly what success stories are all about. They share their voice, thoughts, and the audience cannot have enough of them.

So, here’s a lowdown on the top five YouTubers who are changing the way we view our videos. Learn how they made their way from an anonymous vlogger to reaching the pinnacle of success.


Felix Arvid ULF Kjellberg, or PewDiePie, as he is popular, is a video game vlogger. He is one of the most popular vloggers and has been vlogging is way from 12 million to 20 million in 2014. He stands at 15.5 million currently! No mean feat that. Any successful vlogger will tell you that the only mantra to succeed on Youtube is about consistency, and PewDiePie is no different. Consistency is the name of his game.

He uploads videos almost every day to maintain his online presence. Also, he ensures he answers his fan’s queries. He is a living breathing story of what quality content, consistency, and hard work can give you!


With 2.3 billion views, BlueXephos is a major draw on the YouTube channel for bringing together a bunch of gaming companions.

This young man started his YouTube journey by creating a channel called BlueXephos to share Simon’s (best friend’s) charm with the world. They started their game by posting a “how-to” of the popular video “World of Warcraft.” In 2010, Simon and Lewis followed it up with a serialized version of, The Shadow of Israphel. Cut –two 2013, and the channel turned out to be the most viewed and subscribed channel on YouTube.

They also added the “Greatest YouTube Gamer” at the Joystick Awards, adding the ultimate feather in their already illustrious cap. Yogscast, their channel has grown from strength to strength, and now they are a commercial network. Their success mantra, just being in tune with times and consistently posting topical content.


With 1.51 billion views, Disney Collector BR is one famous YouTube channel. However, there not much information available on this lady who creates content on Disney toys besides the fact that she is Brazilian. Anonymous or not anonymous her channel is certainly one of the most viewed channels in the United States.

It creates a magical effect on children, and with magnetic background music and narration, it holds the children’s attention to the t. She knows exactly how to bound the viewers, with an interesting name and engaging with toys, and adding relevant videos makes her videos a top draw. Her’s the third most-watched video, right after Katy Perry’s channel.


Comedy works big time, and the living proof is Smosh, operated by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They aren’t new to YouTube content, as they started way back in 2003 when they uploaded Flash Animations on the website (New Grounds). Ian Hecox helped him, and they put their heads together with each release. Theirs Pokeman signature song went on to become a huge hit.

They now garner eight million viewers, and it’s mainly because of their high-quality content and their hilarious comedy videos. They are now thinking of bringing their content onto the television. The lesson to learn here is that even if you start from scratch and your production value is nothing to write home about, you can create a stir with quality content. You can rely on sharp editing programs to make your video stand out.

YouTube gives you the pedestal to showcase your talent in the best way possible! The formula is simple if you have got it, you need to flaunt it, and yes, what you need to do is sharpen your skills and learn on the go! These YouTubers prove that success can be your best buddy only if you put in hard work and perseverance by equal measure. Give your talent and flair for the novel and interesting a chance, and success will surely follow you!

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