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Classic Sustainable Trends to Look Out For in the Coming Year!

Climate change is real, and fashion is constantly changing and coming up with new sustainable trends to combat the same. Whether it is sustainability, recycling, or upcycling, the big companies are trying to make a rehaul in the fashion sector. Consumer needs to understand that choosing sustainable garments made up of non-polluting, recycled, or zero-kilometer fabrics promote a better lifestyle for themselves and the planet in general. Can sustainability and style come together? Yes, it definitely can, and the coming year will show us how.

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Sweatshirts and sweatpants are incredibly comfortable and the preferred outfit choice for both genders. It has been reinvented by sustainability-conscious celebrities such as Chiara Ferragni, Bella Hadid, and Elsa Hosk. The sweatpants are an effortless look to carry both in summers and winters. A jumpsuit is a ready-to-go outfit for both summer and winter.

You can combine this look with a pair of eco-friendly sneakers or a pair of upcycled sandals, and it will turn out to be one of the most effortlessly stylish outfits ever. The US brand The Pangaia makes colorful sweatshirts of polyester, algae, and hemp fibers. They have several agendas to fulfill, right from fundraising for Doctors Without Borders and protecting bees to donating to a non-profit organization that helps dispose of plastic.

Tie-dye T-shirt and Prints

Colorful T-shirts, Using the tie-dye technique or embellished with prints and embroidery are some of the most environ-friendly yet fashion-forward outfits to try. It particularly suits the sultry summer weather. Try the oversized ones with a stylish pair of sneakers. It works great for winters, too, if you pair it with cardigans and sweaters.

Collina Strada is a New York brand that combines sustainability and originality with ease. T-shirts with bright tie-dye prints use throw-away fabrics. Collina Strada is associated with The OR Foundation, an organization based in the United States that works towards a more sustainable future while it donates its proceeds.

Recycled Beachwear

With enormous pollution of the seas, damaging of the coral reef, and the plastic waste being dumped into the water by tourists, it is important to do our utmost to keep the seas cleaner; in this case, using recycled beachwear can actually help.

Paper London offers beachwear, ECONYL, which is a 100% regenerated nylon fiber that is made up of recycled fishing nets and other waste found in the ocean. This type of fabric also protects from the UV rays of the sun.

Tagua Earrings

The tagua nut is a great replacement for ivory. And although it looks aesthetically pleasing it involves none of the immoral harvestings of ivory from elephant tusks. There are brands like the US brand Arlokea that make tagua earrings. It offers a simple and refined look and is available in myriad colors. Arlokea’s main goal is to address social issues that affect health, poverty, and education. Buying Tagua earrings can extend help to women and marginalized communities around the world such as Vietnam, Ecuador, and Ethiopia.

Blazers and Tailored Jackets

The beauty of blazers is you can wear them in summers and winters. It is a versatile garment that you can wear for several occasions. Whether it is baggy trousers, tweed skirts, skinny jeans, light dresses, you can wear it literally with anything.

You can also opt for a sustainable version of either a blazer or tailored jacket. You can certainly get one from the dutch brand Noumenon: a tailored jacket made of Tencel and in a factory in Turkey. Did you know that even the tag is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable?


Leggings are back in the reckoning. Not only are they versatile. You can pair them with just about anything, right from oversized sweatshirts, fun t-shirts. They are also a great option to flaunt in the daytime. A sustainable version of the ubiquitous leggings can be US brand Happy Earthpolyester and nylon. It is made with GOTS and Tencel certified organic cotton.

Your clothes are more than just a fashion statement. They leave an impact on the environment, so be careful what you choose. When you pick sustainable clothing, you show that you care about the planet and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. And that is the need of the hour. We hope this blog was useful in helping you choose the right and make an eco-conscious decision with every purchase.

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