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Seven Alternatives to Leather That You Should Try!

Well, leather has been a classic, durable material for many years now. However, now consumers have become more environment-conscious and choosing their fabrics with care. Making conscientious decisions can benefit not only the environment but also workers and, of course, animals. So, do you have to give up on leather completely?

Well, no, you can still wear the leather look as the makers are flooding the market with vegan alternatives that are cheaper and as hardy as leather. Some innovators are making boots out of pineapples to recycling hose-pipe belts with pineapples. Well, if you love the biker chic look, here are some of the options you can try.

Waxed Canvas and Organic Cotton

Not for just jeans and bags, now organic cotton is also being used for clothing items, beyond the conventional. It is environmentally friendly and very durable as well. Also, waxed cotton or canvas is easy to clean, unlike leather, and you can cut down the dry cleaning costs too with this winner! Check for organic brands when you are seeking the best leather alternative as it is more environmental-friendly.


Piñatex is a leather alternative that you can get from pineapple leaf fibers. This Ananas Anam-produced material is making the right noises in the fashion world. The fact that it is a natural and sustainable material makes it worth all the noise. Additionally, it also helps local farming communities.

Apart from that, kudos to the company for providing extra income from something that wasn’t considered worthy before. Portuguese label Nae are using this fabric in a number of their trendy shoes. We think that there will be exciting fruity collaborations on this fashionable horizon. Watch this space for more.

Recycled Rubber

If you are a fan of leather accessories and want it free of animal cruelty, recycled rubber is the way to go. It is extremely durable, and well, it can turn out to be the last surviving clothing item in your cupboard. Yes, it is that durable.

However, a point to note here is that most of the rubber products you get do not come from the rubber trees, so instead of natural, it is synthetic! So, stick to recycled rubber products. Who knows, you may be wearing clothing made from tires and even fire hoses, but if it looks that good, who cares, right?

Leaf Leather

When you think of durable fabrics, you have got to think tree leaves! It is a new and rare material and a  cruelty-free option. They are made of polymer to preserve the leaves in fiber sheets. You can source the leaves easily, and without toxic treatments or dyes, this is one of the most emerging materials to try.


Cork is the ultimate quirky, sturdy and waterproof leather alternative you may find. It is currently riding the popularity market as it is a fashion-forward material. It is water-resistant, renewable, and recyclable, and if that was not enough, it is durable, light, and looks as good as new.

Cork, a natural fiber, comes from cork oak trees. Cork trees last for more than 300 years and their bark each decade, but the trees continue to thrive, helping the alternative-leather market grow! You may support wearing cork leather and stop the desertification of cork oak forests.


There was cork, pineapple and now there is a mushroom. Yes, the mushroom is the next big thing in sustainable materials! MuSkin, the organic material, is a product of fungus. The fungi grow to a specific size and shape required for specific designs.

You can turn this into a waterproof material without using a whole lot of chemicals. Well, there are exciting prospects of this biodegradable, eco-friendly leather alternative. The material is as soft as suede and antibacterial. Things are certainly looking up for this special material.


Another great way of utilizing apple is using it as a by-product. Well, it is famous for its skin and cores. Apple leather looks like real leather, although it has a paper-ey feel. The texture is versatile and is a great choice for other clothing items such as backings, coatings, and more.

Well, when it comes to leather alternatives, the world is just the canvas, and there is just so much to explore. Pick your favorite and flaunt it with full glory!

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