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Top Five Reasons to Choose an Electric Car and Save The Environment!

Electric cars are gradually taking over the world! And why not? They are reducing carbon emissions and hence better suited to the environment. They emit fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases throughout the entire life than a petrol or diesel car.

Since interest in electric cars is increasing by leaps and bounds, there are also questions on how green they are or how clean they are. Let’s take a look at the facts here and how electric cars are changing the world one car at a time.


When it comes to fueling, electric vehicles fare better than their gasoline counterparts. The electricity providers offer a rate plan that makes the fuel, electricity in this case, cheaper than gasoline. And that means, you can save as much as $770 a year.

Electric vehicles can also save a lot on maintenance costs. That is because EVs do not have any gasoline engines. And hence they do not require any oil changes, timing belts, and spark plugs. While gasoline motors require electric motors, it requires no routine maintenance. As it reduces the maintenance costs, you an EV owner a lot of money, say over $1,500 over the vehicle, when you compare it to a gasoline-powered version of their vehicle.

Cut Down Your Emissions

Suppose you compare the electricity for fueling an EV from the dirtiest coal-dominated grid in the US to a normal car fueled by gasoline. In that case, EV still does a better job of contributing to less global warming pollution. Any EV in the US today can produce the emissions compared to an s gasoline car that runs 73 miles per gallon.

The emission-power of EVs improves as wind, and solar power replaces coal-fired electricity generation. Many owners of EVs are also toying with the idea of choosing to club their EVs with rooftop solar panels with their home energy storage units. When an EV is powered by sustainable energy, it can promise an emission-free ride.

Better Driving Experience

An electric engine provides instant torque, which means that electric vehicles promise ass smooth, if not more smooth, acceleration and deceleration than gasoline vehicles. Electric vehicles also promise a low center of gravity, which provides great progress in all departments, including handling, responsiveness, and riding comfort.

There is no doubt about the driving performance of electric vehicles and are used in race series like Formula E, and drivers all over the world can vouch for their driveability.

 It Can Cut Down Your Oil Use

Electric vehicles are a big part of the UCS plan to cut down on the nation’s oil use to almost half in twenty years. The usage of oil does come without its own set of problems, and transportation is heavily dependant on oil as the main energy source.

Electric vehicles have the power to disrupt this status quo relationship between transportation and oil. And thus, it provides a more ecological way of fuel transportation for everyone. The bottom line is this the usage of EVs can cut down oil usage by 1.5 million barrels a day by 2035. And at a time like now where renewable resources scarcity becomes a real concern, this is pretty impressive!

The Convenient Way to Drive Around

When you drive around in a gasoline-fueled car, you constantly worry about gasoline prices. However, it is not so for the EV, as charging it is cheaper. And you can do so at your home in a few hours. Besides that, EVs are mechanically way simpler than any random gasoline car, so you get to maintain it at a much cheaper cost.

Drivers who drive their electric cars do not have to think about fueling their car for every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Besides that, people driving EVs will also get special access to highways, bridges, and special parking spots. Apart from that, a few states also charge a lower toll fee for EVs.

So, what do you think about electric vehicles? We think it is a win-win. As it is environmental-friendly, promises low-maintenance, and provides great mileage.  And when you do so, you will join the league of Jay-Z, David Arquette, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others who drive electric vehicles. Are you ready to join the EV revolution, or are you already driving one? Do let us know in the comments section!

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