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Vegan Leather Options That Can Make Your Outfits More Sustainable!

Eco-friendly and vegan? Can they go together? Yes, they can and the world’s most prestigious fashion brands are making them and people are buying them. No wonder these materials are more in demand than ever. Most of these leather alternatives are durable, creative, and gorgeous creations. Certain materials can surprise you because you never knew that they can be good alternatives.


The first eco-friendly alternative is paper. Well, if you can build architecture with paper, you can build a bag with it too. Bottega Veneta made a gorgeous Carta Giapponese bag with paper. This paper comes from a tree called Kozo. Once the washi is cut, the edges are then woven carefully. There are other designers such as Doshi and Paper Handbags that make products out of paper.


Cork is another useful material that can make great bags. This material forms terrific features, it is water-resistant, and one of the most eco-friendly materials around. It’s a natural material that can be recycled, and sourced naturally from cork oak forests for various industries and can be used for desertification and deforestation. It is harvested from Southern Europe, hailing from the Iberian Peninsula that helps protect endangered species in the region. When you shop for cork bags you can do your bit towards protecting endangered species. Larger brands such as Chanel and Louboutin use cork to make gorgeous bags.

Recycled Rubber

Some kind of rubber, usually used in inner tubes, can be a great replacement for leather as it has a leathery texture and density. It can be a perfect eco-friendly vegan leather for making fashion accessories.

Paguro is a brand that can make stylish unisex bags and sassy cuffs made from these easy procure materials. This material can easily mimic the look of the grain, matte leather, which can be made into gorgeous accessories. Laura Zabo is another designer who is replacing leather with rubber for making belts and shoes for guitar straps.

Waxed Cotton

Waxed cotton is another great substitute for leather. Big brands, such as Mankind, 7 for all, and Marc Jacobs have been using this for making jeans and bags. The material is also waterproof and can be coerced to make into some of the most fantastic stuff. It may also stop you from using harmful dry cleaning chemicals.

Tree Bark Leather

Sustainable timber is very similar to a cork and very durable. It is strong and can be made as fine and thin as real leather to create many outfits, right from coats to trousers. It comes from renewable wood and then non-toxic chemicals are used on them to make them more durable yet flexible to sew and make into garments of various choices. Dolce and Gabbana are one of the top designers to make tree bark into various bags and platforms. Often their products get extra spotlight because of their sustainability and flexibility in making beautiful designer stuff that can replace the staid leather.

Apple Leather

The apple it seems does not fall too far away from a leather bag, maybe because it can be turned into a leather bag itself. Apple is in the hallowed fruit company of orange peels and banana skins as they are turned into various clothing textiles. If we are talking about fruit-based materials, we cannot ever forget apples. This is a new version of eco-friendly vegan leather, and the apple waste can be made into a textile that is so fashionably chic, yet it is cruelty-free. The future of leather seems to be apple leather and if you are wondering where can you buy it, then some luxe brands are selling products from apple leather such as Happy Genie and Veggani. They are all following the sustainable paths in finding the perfect leather that is cruelty-free, yet chic.

It won’t be long before sustainable leather alternatives become an option for most people. What’s more, they become affordable too and would be available at a store near you. Tell us whether you have explored options in finding the perfect leather alternatives and if they are easily available around you. Wearing trousers or skirts, carrying bags all made of alternative leather may not be a distant dream after all. What do you think?

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