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Five Ways You Can Contribute To A Greener Environment While Saving Money

When the entire world is trying to figure out how to save the environment and keep it intact for the future generation, don’t you feel you should contribute your two cents in it? If you are thinking of donating to organizations doing just that, it is a noble thought for sure! But did you know that just by sitting in the comfort of your own home, you can make simple everyday adjustments that can also help the environment? Not only that, but you can also save a few dollars in the process as well!

Here are the best ways to do just that:

Plant Trees or Create Your Own Garden

Having a patch of greenery in your house is helpful in so many ways. First, you are planting trees and helping the environment as they will be able to produce more oxygen. Once you are a pro at gardening, why not have your own vegetable garden? If the space is too small, an herb garden will do just fine as well! Imagine picking up bell peppers and tomatoes from your own garden and using them in your Spanish omelet? Maybe garnishing them with some cilantro freshly-picked by you? You will be saving those trips to your local grocery stores and saving money on gas and fresh produce as well. If you are unable to commit to having a self-sustaining garden and you need to fresh fruits and vegetables, always choose local and seasonal produce over others. Imagine the carbon footprint left by exotic fruits and vegetables that have traveled thousands of miles to be at your local grocery store? They also probably needed chemicals to keep them looking fresh after traveling for so many days. It is best to avoid them if possible.

Go Easy On The Meat

Does refusing to eat meat really help in saving the environment? Surprise! It does. It has been found that a family with four members that eats meat actually emits more greenhouse gases than what can be emitted from driving two cars. Red meat has been often associated with several heart issues, and it has also been found that cultivating livestock and its further consumption results in nearly 14% of carbon emissions. The solution doesn’t lie in the entire population changing their dietary habits and becoming vegetarians though. There should be a balance in our diets with other kinds of food. Lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs can be great alternatives to red meat. It will keep our palette high in protein while benefiting our body and the environment our body lives in! In another study in Japan, it was found that women who followed a meat diet were more likely to have breast cancer than those who followed a plant-based diet. Don’t just follow the #NoMeatMonday trend on Instagram, try living it as well!

Join The Tiny House Movement

The Tiny House Movement has been doing a great job towards helping the environment. Two people living in a house that has five bedrooms is definitely a waste of space as well as energy since a house needs constant maintenance. Staying in a smaller house would help cut down on electric and energy bills and would also take up less area space. Additionally, experts have said that living in a confined and small place makes us yearn for the outdoors more.

Consume Less Energy

Even if you are not ready to move to a smaller house, at least try to cut down your energy bills. This can be quite easy and done in several ways. In the months of summer, keep the windows open more often to let in air from outside; this will reduce those high air-conditioning bills. Also, monitor the use of hot water. During moderate weather, keeping down the cooling-heating system is easier. For other instances, you can install solar panels which will also give you a 30% tax credit.

Have A Positive And Green Mindset

This is the most important part. If you have your mind set on this and you are determined to do the right thing or take the right steps when it comes to the environment, not only will you be effective, but you can even begin to inspire others to change their lifestyle and do the same as well. Even when eating outside, stop using disposable cutlery and carry your own. Ban plastic straws from your life and only opt for paper straws. If possible, carry a steel or bamboo straw and clean it up after every use. It might not save you any money but think of the good you are doing.

Finally educating others can help save the environment, so better spread the word and teach everyone about how they can contribute. Teach and lead with a cause!


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