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Be Wise: What Do We Do With Our Money?

This is actually a topic for kids when they first start to learn about money. But then even adults still don’t get the right answers to the question, “What Do We Exactly Do With Our Money?” although some may be able to answer it, but most of them couldn’t really explain it. Especially these three famous S’s, so we’re going to break them all down and analyze them.


IMG_5201The first S we got is Spend.We all know how to spend money, but most people doesn’t really know how to spend it wisely. They may think that the cheapest option is the best option but then again it’s not always the case. Nowadays, the quality of the products suffers because there are products that are there for profit. And also there are products that are considered to be imitated and that is where the quality of the product drops. Imitation products are commonly made in China and they basically exports their items all over the world with a very cheap price but very poor quality. Such as shoes, bags, clothes and electronics. People nowadays are into gadgets and so the ones who can’t really afford an Apple iPhone, tend to buy fake ones for a very cheap price. Since the its cheap, the quality of the phone both the interior and exterior are very low and it wouldn’t last long so you would have to get another one. So it’s like wasting money instead of spending it wisely.

Not just with electronics and gadgets, but also when it comes to food. However, some generic labeled products in the groceries are actually pretty good and very affordable than the branded ones, because normally, they buy and make a profit out of the branded ones, but with the generic ones, they don’t really have to buy them in such expensive price and sell them with an even more expensive price.

Another good tip to spend money wisely is timing, because timing is everything. For instance, you need to go shopping for clothes for your children, for Christmas. What you can do is to get them like a pair of clothing each but not a lot because after the holidays, there is always an end of the year sale on almost every shop because they’re restocking and clearing out their stocks. That is the perfect time to shop. Even with cars, if you are getting a new car, do it sound December or January because there is always a clearance discount.


We all know that spending is easier than saving, but then it is always just about perspective. If you set a goal that you need to spend then you need to enhance your power of self-control. Control yourself when you want to get things that are totally unnecessary, control yourself when you want to go out and eat, control yourself when you want to overspend over groceries. It may sound very easy, but it is a lot more difficult than you think.


They say, “Money is meant to be Spent”, but let them say what they want and tell yourself, “Money is meant to be Saved UNTIL it is necessary to be Spent” it is just a matter of the way a person think. You have to motivate yourself that you need to save. If you are saving to go on a vacation, then think of all the things you can actually do on that vacation, you can totally enjoy it and make the most out of it if you have spare money to spend. Are you saving for your dream wedding? Then think of all the decorations and the dresses and suits you will have, plus your dream honeymoon if you really saved that much. Those are just a few things to get you motivated. We always have control over our minds so don’t let your mind take over.


Now this is something not all of us can actually do. There are some people who would say that they don’t really have much money to share, but that is just a selfish way of saying I don’t really feel like sharing.

IMG_5200Did you know that there is a channel on YouTube who did a social experiment on beggars of New York City. An actor who pretended to be a beggar to ask people for money and people just walk by him as if he doesn’t exist. There are some who would give him a dollar or two, but there is one man who actually shared his food with him. And that man is a beggar. Shocked by the beggar’s kind action toward him, the actor then asked why the beggar did it and he simply just said that he wants to share his food with the actor, not knowing he’s not a real beggar.

The lesson here is that it is very nice of those people who can barely get through their everyday lives and still manages to share even if they barely have anything to offer, and yet there are people who have tons of money and can’t even stop and share some of what they have. There are so many charities who need your help and you don’t necessarily need to give a lot, it is the thought here that really counts, the fact that you were able to think of others is what matters. And this is something we have to teach the future generation.

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