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This Is How You Can Save BIG On Your Next Hotel Booking

So you are planning to go on a vacation? Did you book your hotel already? If you haven’t, try to recall the last time you ended up shelling out $100 more for a night’s stay compared to your buddy who was a boarder at the same hotel a few days back. Well, it’s highly common as the perks and facilities that you get along with the total cost vary on the basis of your booking process. But, there are methods to cash in on a deal. Here are the best tips that can warrant better savings the next time you are booking your hotel room.

Check All Online Prices

Prices vary from one room to another, from one day to another. An extensive research becomes a necessity if you are planning to book a hotel and save money at the same time. Various websites will also help you in surfing through basic amenities that the hotels are offering at a certain price tag. Don’t be in for a shock when you find that a hotel room with a cheaper price  ends up offering you a better experience than pricier ones or even vice-versa. Go for the deal that suits your pocket and not hurry into things. Take time in deciding.

Price Is Not The Only Factor

It’s not at all necessary that a hotel proffering a lower price will hold out a better deal. Hotels which are higher-priced might provide some add-ons that give it a greater value than a cheaper property. While booking a hotel room, you should always consider what facilities and perks you will be given access to and how big a hole can your pocket endure. For example, a cheaper room might not offer basic facilities such as free breakfast or free Wi-Fi, and that means you might have to shell out $50 more. You are saving this amount by booking a hotel that’s around $20 more expensive per night more than a cheaper one.

Collect The Loyalty Perks

Many hotels have rewards for travelers who stay loyal to them. They offer a loyalty card, and once you are a part of it, you are in for a varied range of amenities like room customization, check-ins according to your suitable time, breakfast and snacks, and many more. Moreover, these hotels offer you the services at special or slashed rates, too. A discount of around 35% to 40%  is definitely an awesome deal you can opt for.

Put Your Other Memberships In Use

If you are an affinity group member, try to use that. Many hotels shell out amazing discounts on rooms for such guests. Though the discounts may differ from person to person, the usual rates are anywhere between five to fifteen percent. Using this privilege at resorts or high-priced hotels will definitely help you save more.

Talk To A Travel Agent

Several travel agents are under the affiliation of famous agencies, and they offer you reasonable rates with a whole range of hotels that you can pick from. As an icing on the cake, some travel agents can even offer you credits as far as your food and beverages are concerned, and of course, your room customization. But, before you choose one, you must shop around for better deals. That’s a must if you want your stay to be just the like way you want to.

Ask Your Hotel Reception For A Taxi

Most hotels have a cordial relationship with cab agencies, and they offer you quite a consistent price and a pleasant experience. The front desk can help you call a taxi and can even negotiate the total cost, apart from sending it to pick you up from the airport, or wherever you are. If you are planning to hire one on your own, be ready to shell out at least the double of what your hotel front desk might negotiate for you. And in some cases, you might even get fooled by the driver when it’s time to pay the fare.

These fundamental tips are absolutely beneficial if someone is traveling and is at their wit’s end on how to book a hotel room. At the end of the day, everyone wants to save money, and hotels are one of those places you tend to pay more and get disappointed when your demands are not met properly. Be on the lookout for the best deals available on websites and choose what suits your tastes, your pockets, and of course, your needs. Have a nice stay!

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