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This Is How You Can Travel Green (And Save Money While Doing So)

In one way or the other, people on this planet are accountable for the changes that nature is going through in recent times. News regarding oil spills, exhausted natural resources, and of course, global warming is doing the rounds, and that should be enough to make you anxious about the times that lie ahead.

In order to help Mother Nature, try to assess your basic daily activities and see what needs changing. Even the most nature-loving people put their good habits in the back-burner while traveling. Imbibing environment-friendly habits has become a must now. If you have itchy feet, you can now travel green and simultaneously, save money. Read on to know more.

Unplug And Turn Off Electrical Appliances

Before you go on a vacation, try to abide by a few simple rules. If you are leaving your home during the summer season, turn the thermostat to such a point where the requisite coolness is maintained in order to suck out the moisture present in the air. 79 to 80 degrees is fine if you want your room temperature to be just medium, i.e. neither too hot nor too cold. Turning the water taps off will aid you in cutting down the expenses you normally incur on your water bill. Moreover, this will help you fend off the risk of a burst pipe. This means you’ll less likely return to a staggering water bill and water-damaged appliances. By unplugging all the electronic devices and appliances at your home, you can save a significant sum on your electric bill. Additionally, all your stuff will get protected from calamities like lightning storms.

Keep Your Bags As Light As Possible

Carrying weighty luggage on your vacation is definitely not a good idea. If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, you will be charged an additional fee by airline companies. In case you are not in favor of paying more than you should, fit your things into a carry-on bag and keep it as light as much as you can. This would benefit the environment, too. How? If this particular rule is followed by every single passenger on board, the load would automatically get diminished and that, in turn, implies that the airplane would be able to use its fuel more effectively. The less burning of fuel, the better it is for the environment. Isn’t it easy? The same is applied when you are on a road trip. A piece of light luggage can cause your car to be more fuel-efficient. If you are an avid reader, opt for e-books instead of paper books which would just be added weight to your luggage.

Don’t Behave Like A NASCAR Driver

Is there any necessity of racing down the road and act like you are driving on a NASCAR track? When you are going on holiday with your car, your primary motto should be to conserve gas. Driving at break-neck speed and stopping all of a sudden in the middle of the road would eventually diminish the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Aside from that, any other damage to your four-wheeler could pose a real threat in the long run. Who would love to get stuck at some unknown place with nothing in sight? Surely, you wouldn’t. If it’s a rental car, don’t ever think of over-speeding, since you might have to incur an extra amount if you inflict some damage on it. Maintain a steady pace if you wish to savor each and every moment of your road trip.

A Reusable Water Bottle Is A Good Option

Carry an aluminum water bottle (not a plastic one) with you during your trip. If you have a tendency to purchase a lot of drinks while traveling, then this should suit you best. You can fill the bottle up whenever you are thirsty. Additionally, you should refrain from buying drinks which has a lot of sugar and other harmful stuff. Sports drinks are a big no-no. Taking care of your health is mandatory when you are far away from your home. Nobody would want to fall ill at a time when they have set out to have a whale of a time. So, stay safe and save money, too.

As you can already guess, going green is not all that expensive. These eco-friendly habits will contribute a lot to Mother Nature and keep the environment free from all hazards. Aside from these benefits, you are also saving good money. So, what’s the harm in being a friend to nature?

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