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Climate Crisis Is Looming Close – And Here’s What We Can Do About It!

Imagine a world where the net greenhouse gas emissions across the globe are zero. You heard us – zero. A report projected by world climate scientists investigates the necessary steps that need to be done to limit the global warming phenomenon to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the current century in order to avert the direst consequences of climate change. This report details that it can be possible if the world’s net greenhouse emissions are reduced to zero by 2050. The clock is ticking, and we need to act fast.

Imagine the Future

With enough involvement and action, we can hope and look forward to the cost of battery technology reducing in the near future, say by 2025 to 2030.  With electric cars no longer costing as much, we can expect a significant reduction in the emissions by public and general transport by road. The quieter, cleaner, and easily maintainable electric car will be an attractive purchase. At the same time, we imagine that homes will be heated and cooled electrically instead of by gas furnaces. It is a real possibility to electrically power most of our daily powered equipment and in the future, we can rely on great expanses of land solely for the purpose of wind and solar farming. Imagine a world powered by abundant wind and sunshine? Imagine a world where the air is cleaner and the future of future generations is brighter? It is, indeed, possible. Of course, some things will be difficult to electrify, but there are changes that can be made to adapt them. For example, the capture of carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks in some plants and sequestering it.

Why Can’t It Happen Now?

While we have all of the infrastructure and the technology available today to make this future start right now, the biggest hurdle is overcoming the mindset of the current global population. Not enough people are genuinely interested in the future of the planet, and there isn’t enough awareness of just how this planet may fare if we continued in the fashion that we currently are – towards a climate crisis. The problem isn’t technology – we have the technology, and the advancement in the industry is occurring at a rapid rate. The problem isn’t resources because there is plenty of wind and sunshine, land, and funding right now. But we need to convince investors of the importance of their investment in the future and we need to make use of the land, wind, and sunshine that we have. These profound transformations can happen today, but we need people to come together to make this happen. There is more focus placed on the economy and saving money than there is on saving the planet. Saving the planet is costly by some measure, but arguably far more important.

A Big Piece of The Puzzle

Small solutions to big problems – it all begins with you. If every person on the planet could reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit for the environment, each person would be a small solution to the massive problems the future of the planet could face. Reducing the consumption of meat and fish, which requires a significantly larger amount of resources to produce than plant-based food, is one way of changing the world. Shorter showers, using less electricity, using less equipment and opting for solar power are all easily achievable methods of saving the planet that every person can begin taking action on. Adopting an ecology-friendly mindset is key, and in families that adopt this mindset, new generations are taught the importance of looking after resources and the environment and this is the beginning of a great motion in saving and ecology.

There isn’t much time left, but it isn’t too late either. We still have the golden opportunity to make a change and avoid the biggest consequences of past mistakes and past damages. The fact is that a massive climate crisis is expected to arise as soon as 2040 if we don’t begin making changes today – and no change is too small. When that crisis arrives, it won’t matter who caused it or what caused it – all that will be left is regret for not having stopped it. Let’s join hands and save the world – it’s your chance to be a superhero!

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