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Are You a Doodle Artist? Here’s How You Can Make Money out of It!

Drawings are a great way to give shape to your thoughts and imaginations. While not every emotion, feeling, or thought can find the right word, they all find a perfect shape when you draw them on a canvas. And if you have the right skills, the world is your canvas. While drawing and painting are great skills, not many people choose it as a vocation as it doesn’t pay much. However, with the new age, there’s a lot of scopes for artists to make money using their skills. One such great skill in demand is the art of doodling.

Almost every one of us did fill the last sheet of our books with doodles and patterns. But little did we know that it will go on to become an art form in the future. But with the world becoming a global village and people finding more avenues to showcase their skills, creative arts is the new engineering!  Don’t believe us? Well, here’s how you can make money from your doodle art.

Activity Books

Adult coloring books, mandala art training books, drawing books for adults are all on the rise. Besides the physical books, a lot of apps also let people use pre-existing images to engage in some creative work. You could create an app of your own or sell your work to apps and websites that offer drawing and coloring services. You could also use your skills to work with arts and crafts book designers who cater to children and adults. Besides this, you could also create vector images of the doodles and approach websites with the proposal to draw doodles that represent their brand. If your pre-existing vector image of the doodle is in line with their brand, they can instantly buy it!

Fashion Designing

Every day thousands of teeshirts and dresses companies design and print. The fashionistas would surely love an appealing work of art on their fabric. So, reach out to the fashion designers in your town, online communities, or through their websites. Pitch in your work, and you are in for a deal as a designer! But be careful and make sure you send only low resolution and watermarked images in the proposal.

Else, you might get lose your money. There are a lot of freeloaders out there who might start using your work for free and refuse even to give credit. Once your work is available on the internet for free, it will be impossible to track all the sources where it’s in use. Think about it, and this is the reason why all stock photo companies give you a preview of the images with a watermark in the most critical element of the image. Coasters, wallpapers, and mousepads are a few other places your design could go on. Remember the boy who found the opportunity to doodle an entire restaurant? So, what’s stopping you?

Online Teaching

COVID -19 has changed the way people teach and learn. There’s more adaptability to learning online, and more and more platforms are opening up their windows to the art teachers. So, if you are proficient in your art and believe you would love to teach it to the world, sign up to teach. However, if you are not sure how this works, the course structure, etc., you could also sign up for a free demo class of another teacher, find out how they go about with it, and create a program of your own. Besides this, most online learning platforms guide you in creating your course material, course duration, fee structure, certification, etc. Art is for everyone, and teaching is a noble deed, so why not start the journey?

Sell Your Art Online

Websites like Etsy lets you sell your work from anywhere across the world. All you have to do is create an account, upload your art, fix a price, and wait for someone to buy it. You could do this multiple times and get paid for it endlessly.

Create Stickers

Stickers are the most popular way of communicating on most platforms. After the emojis revolution and the GIFs, the stickers are the most interactive form to communicate messages and emotions. So, why not get creative with your doodle to convey various situations, emotions, and feelings. You could upload your art on one of the many sticker platforms and get money for every download.

These are just a few ways to make money from your creative pursuit. There are many more ways in which you can put to good use your doodling skills, so get creative and explore all the options that you have!

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