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Five Celebrities Who Are Silently Doing Their Part To Save The Environment

A number of celebrities around the world are using their power as well as their status to contribute towards saving the planet. They are completely dedicated to the cause and doing everything in their capability to inspire and make changes. The recent fire that ravaged the Amazon rainforest shocked the world, and experts stressed on the urgent need to not only work towards saving the rainforest but also the environment. The panic button has been pressed, and we should all be worried. Below is the list of five famous people who are going out of their way and trying to make this planet a better place to live in.

Dia Mirza

The popular actress from India garnered fame from all corners of the world by clinching the Miss India Asia-Pacific title in 2000. That was just the start of a long journey, and Dia has made her presence known in the world of entertainment. Currently, she is the Environment Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations and has caught the attention of many through her efforts to conserve the environment and save natural resources. Mirza has always tried to stress on the fact that we should focus on reducing air pollution because clean air is necessary for breathing. She has been working tirelessly towards banning plastic products and helping people realize why it is important to switch to a lifestyle that involves sustainable as well as eco-friendly alternative solutions. Dia has been pretty active in the clean-up drive of the famous Versova Beach in Mumbai.

Mark Ruffalo

You know him as The Hulk, the iconic character from the Avengers movie franchise. However, his heroic characteristic is not confined to reel life only. On the lines of the larger than life character that he portrays on-screen, Mark is also known for his efforts to do something for Mother Nature. His project, Water Defense, is known to have attained much popularity since its inception. It’s a green initiate that Ruffalo has undertaken and is reaping good dividends, to say the least. The activist group created by Ruffalo has its base in Brooklyn and supports the banning of hydraulic fracturing. This particular oil and gas production procedure compromises drinking water as it pollutes groundwater and the soil in New York City and Colorado.

Shailene Woodley

The Big Little Lies star is popular all over the world for her eco-activism. While protesting against pipelines in North Dakota, Woodley was taken into detention in 2016. She has also utilized Instagram as a platform to make people aware of the necessity of environmental conservation. She has expressed her concern through her poems and has been appreciated for her efforts. Boasting of a massive 4.2 million followers on her account on Instagram, Shailene recently talked about the Amazon rainforest fire and how people need to sit up and take notice of things which are expected to happen in the near future. She has expressed utmost concern regarding this disaster and wants everyone to do their bit for nature.

Ian Somerhalder

Known for his impressive portrayal in The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder was designated as the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme in 2016. It goes without saying that Ian has done full justice to his designation and tried his best to fulfill all the responsibilities that were handed over to him. He has come up with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation that focuses on areas like green living, water conservation, and other various issues. To date, Ian has rescued six dogs, two cats, and a horse, and they all live with him now. Clearly, animals and the environment are his priority. Kudos to Ian!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Catching everyone’s fancy and capturing all hearts with his iconic portrayal of Jack in the legendary period drama, Titanic, Leo has been an integral part of several blockbusters throughout his career. Aside from being an actor, the Oscar winner is hugely vociferous about the changes that should be brought around and is completely dedicated to saving the planet at all costs. For those who are still not aware, Leo has even filmed certain documentaries regarding the detrimental effects of global warming. He has also promoted environmental awareness and gives constant encouragement to others through his own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

It’s so nice to see these huge stars doing whatever they can in their capacity to save the environment, and in return, they are receiving every bit of recognition and appreciation for their initiatives. Hopefully, the world will follow suit and save the planet from further destruction.

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