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Five Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Might Be Saving the Planet

cinema sign world is closedFew months had passed when the Pandemic Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 swept across the world, leaving more than 69,000 deaths as of writing and more than one million affected cases. It has also affected the worldwide economy, putting millions of businesses at a virtual standstill, losing millions of people their jobs.

For some, they wouldn’t know how to recover and to move forward after the crisis. Others might be having difficulty with how to cope at present. But even if this Pandemic has brought on tragedies, there is a positive side to it too.

Many believe that there have been many signs that the planet is recovering amidst the absence of human pollution. But others may not be fully rejoicing because this is just temporary. They claim that it might not be a sustainable way to reduce air pollution and save the environment. However, let us talk about the good side of how the COVID-19 Pandemic might be saving the environment.

Undeniable Visible Decrease in Air Pollution

sky clouds airThere is no doubt that air pollution adversely affects human health. However, one of the major evident changes in our environment during the Pandemic is the major decrease in pollution. Non-essential businesses have been shut down, including factories that harm our nature.

It’s ironic to say that the world battles to kill COVID-19, which targets a person’s respiratory health, yet the Pandemic also helps the world to breathe in a much cleaner and healthier air with the decrease of air pollution.

Wildlife Sightings across the Urban Cities

According to the studies of world organization for animal health, you can’t conclude that animals are responsible for people getting COVID-19. However, the lockdown also benefited wildlife in some cases. Reports around the globe share that animals start to wander through the cities because of the total lockdowns. Reports show that there are more than 1000 roaming deer in Japan. There were sightings of a previously endangered Malabar civet in India, which did not happen after the 1990s. There are wild boars around one of the cities in Barcelona. Gangs of wild turkeys strut the streets in California. There is also a puma in the center of the Chilean capital Santiago.

Clearer Waters and Seas

ocean waterMany reports around the world state that they are experiencing cleaner and clearer waters. This includes nearly 100 new hatchlings across the beach in Brazil. About five centimeters hawksbill sea turtle hatchling, which was said endangered, was found crawling toward the ocean of Janga Beach in Paulista, Brazil. But the experts cannot closely monitor the hatchlings due to preventive measures against COVID-19. Reports also include clear water in Venice’s canals.

According to the spokesman from Venice Mayor’s office, who told CNN, it was due to the lesser traffic on the canals, which allows the sediment to stay at the bottom. Though there is a rapid increase in COVID cases in Italy, we hope and pray that this Pandemic will end real soon.

Connecting People All Over the World

The COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak has taken a lot of us by surprise. But this also shows the unity of the people in saving the environment. People start to work together and help each other. Amidst the fear, people created a community to support and give global hope. We see people who are strangers coming together to sing on balconies in Italy. Others offer support to the elderly by volunteering to collect their groceries and other needs (but still with safety precautions). Online platforms gave way for people to share their knowledge, arts, crafts, and expertise for FREE. Some create DIY personal protective equipment or PPEs to donate to multiple hospitals. People, coffee shops, and restaurants are preparing a meal for the brave people fighting the virus on the frontlines.

Reuniting Man, Wildlife, and the Planet

COVID-19 crisis is affecting humans, animals, and the environment. But it has also brought us benefits. It connected us to people across the planet. We’ve been sharing the world with wildlife. We have thrown away all of our selfishness and hate and made room for kindness and compassion. People then realize the essence of life and how to efficiently and creatively make use of their time. They reunite with their families, spend time with them, and learn how to take care of themselves and the environment.

Let us hope that after this Pandemic, we don’t forget what truly matters, and that is doing our part for our fellow human beings, for the animals in need, and for this planet, we live in.

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