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Five Websites Where You Could Get Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

Walking down the aisle looking like a person dressed in clouds is something we all dream about! From the decorations to the food, the cake to the clothes, we want everything to be perfect. Did you know that weddings produce around 400 lbs of garbage and 63 tons of CO2? With over 2.5 million weddings happening every year globally, the waste from weddings goes up to around one billion lbs of trash and emissions.

This is one of the reasons why people are embracing an approach to hosting sustainable weddings. If you wish to do your bit too to the planet, even as you walk down the aisle, here’s what you could do. Ensure that your wedding planner embraces an eco-friendly approach from start to finish. Everything from the decor to favors could be done with a zero-waste approach. And from your end, you could go for eco-friendly and sustainable wedding dresses.

Here are five websites where you could get sustainable and eco-friendly wedding dresses.


This is one website you could count on to get great bridal wear that is handmade, vintage, and upcycled. Besides great wedding dresses at affordable prices, this website also helps you pick sustainable accessories and bridesmaids attire for your entire crew.

With operations across the globe, Etsy is most popular for the made-to-order wedding gown services that it offers. Besides custom-made wedding clothes, the website also lets you pick from a wide range of wedding wear right that would give you the one-of-a-kind look on your big day, making you look special!

Katherine Feiel

Katherine Feiel is a popular brand that specializes in creating customized wedding wear. If your wedding is of a medieval, storybook, or Celtic theme, this is the website to go to! With a wide range of offerings in numerous price ranges, you are bound to be spoiled for choice.

However, the best part is you would not have to compromise on the eco-friendliness of the fabric while shopping for the best clothes. That’s because the website adopts an ethical fashion approach and obtains fabric only from developing nations. Made from both new and vintage fabric, you would lay your hands on the bespoke wedding gowns.

Rent The Runway

This New York-based website lets you rent clothes for your bridesmaids. Not just for your wedding party, you could rent eco-friendly fabric clothes even for yourself to walk down the aisle. Well, your wedding gown is something you are going to wear only once, so why not just rent it?

And when you rent in instead of buying it, you have more options. Wonder why? Well, clothes on rent are cheaper than the ones you buy for yourself. So, you would get better clothes at a lesser price, and isn’t that something you would want for your big day? And by renting your wedding gown and the clothes of your bridesmaids, you are not just helping your bank balance, but the planet too. Did you know that the Rent the Runway goes on to donate the most loved clothes of the season to organizations like Operation Prom? So, that’s another good deed you would indirectly be part of too. So, why splurge when you can save and still look like a million dollars?

Once Wed

Well, if you are someone who wants to spend more on your honeymoon than on your wedding, yet not want to compromise on the way you look, here’s your fairy godmother! Once Wed is a website that has secondhand wedding dresses that look picture perfect! Well, they have clothes from a price range of $60 to $18,000, so that’s quite a wide range of clothes to pick and choose from!

The website lets you customize your shopping based on various filters. Right from the designer, size, silhouette, price, neckline, style, to material, you could pick and choose everything. What more could you ask for while shopping for your big day? You could have your dream wedding, look like a princess, and do it all under a budget!

Christy Dawn

There’s some beauty to sustainable clothes. The fact that you are preserving nature and ensuring that the planet breathes and looks as beautiful as you do in the clothes add to the charm. And imagine the glow it would bring to your face when you know that your wedding dress is adding beauty to the planet too.

If such eco-friendly fabrics are what you are after, then do visit Christy Dawn. This website has a wide range of clothes from the local artisans who use deadstock fabrics to weave wedding gowns. They make sure that the brides look their best and also minimize the environmental footprint at the same time.

These are just a handful of websites that help you make your new start of life on a positive note! Happy shopping!

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