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Four Environmental Games To Teach Kids About The Importance Of Saving Earth

The planet will be inherited by the next generation. And it is time for us to stop thinking about leaving a better planet for our children. Unfortunately, they are the ones who will be left to make up for every torture that you inflicted on Mother Nature and clean up whatever mess you will be leaving behind. Proper environmental education is the only way to teach kids how to take care of the environment.

Several schools and other educational institutions are taking whatever steps they can in imparting the right kind of knowledge by incorporating chapters and books on the environment into the curriculum. Global warming and carbon footprint are words that today’s kids are quite conversant with. Several technology start-ups have also hoped to do their bit and are now offering the best games that can be priceless tools in such a scenario.


It might sound hard to believe, but technology can play a key role in the fight against climate change. But, education is the first step that needs to be taken prior to any kind of engagement. Clim’Way is definitely a game that educates you as well as engages you. You will be coming face-to-face with the issue of greenhouse gas emissions when you will be asked to increase renewable energy by almost 60 percent, help in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by almost 70 to 75 percent, and diminish energy use by around 40 percent or so. 2008 is supposedly the base year.

Your objective will be to perform the aforesaid three by the year 2058. Hopefully, you will achieve what you have been asked to do in the game, as well as in the real world.


Windfall is an environmental game, available online, which was launched way back in the year 2007. However, now that the crisis is more noticeable, Windfall is gaining ground. The United States leads the pack when it comes to wind energy production. By the time 2030 arrives, wind energy could pretty well suffice around 30 percent of the country’s electricity demand.

The game kind of makes you ready for the future since building a wind farm setup is no mean feat and you would be requiring ample skills in order to do that. This virtual game will allow you to design one.

Of course, you would have to keep account of a lot of factors when you are choosing a windmill, be it of any size.

NOAA Games

NOAA or The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are some of the most well-designed games that have been developed keeping environmental awareness in mind and there is no iota of doubt that these games definitely arouse interest in kids who wish to learn more about how to protect nature.

The site functions as a portal, since a majority of the games you would find, are being hosted on PBS and other channels. Each game talks about what Earth is actually going through and also comes up with solutions that are practical and can be carried out in the real world scenario. There is indeed a lot to learn from such online games.

Play Oil God

A number of old Flash games might spring up a surprise or two and Play Oil God is one of them. The product from Persuasive Games can make you step into the shoes of a villain from a James Bond flick. However, the master plan of giving you the right education regarding the oil works politics stands out. Here, you play the oil tycoon who boasts of immense power under the belt.

Forcing nine nations to surrender to your diktats, you call the shots and consequently wield power over the world’s major oil economies. Through Playing Oil God, you learn about the highly complex connection between oil profits, geopolitics, and of course, gas prices. Intriguing, right?

Other popular online games that make kids conscious about the environment are Lifeboat to Mars, Mission Migration, The Garbage Dreams Game, Smog City 2, Profit Seed, etc. The ones mentioned on this list are the simplest environmental games that are available over the internet. There are a lot of games that are well-designed but are more on the complex side. Make your kids realize what responsibilities they need to shoulder for the times to come if they want to make this planet a better place to live in.

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