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Four Simple Ways in Which You Can Reduce the Effect of Global Warming and Do Your Bit to Save the Planet!

All these decades, numerous nations brushed off global warming as a conspiracy theory. However, the past few years proved that global warming is a real threat, and we need to act upon it at the earliest! While research evidence shows that global warming has been a concern since then, the damage has increased since the industrial revolution.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at how the planet has been reviving since the pandemic outburst and global lockdown. It shows that a cut down in human activity can restore the planet’s health even for a few days. While that is not feasible in the long run owing to economic factors, there is so much we can do to reduce the damage. Every little action we take can make a difference and can make or break the planet’s health.

So, now is the time to act and do your bit to save the world. And do not worry, that’s not too hard. Even a small change to your lifestyle can make a huge difference. Don’t believe us? Read on to know the four ways to contribute to the health of the planet and reduce the effects of global warming.

Save Water

Saving water is the first step to conserving the planet. And you could do this by making simple lifestyle changes. And when you save water, you also reduce carbon pollution. That’s because all the processes involved in pumping water to your taps consume a lot of energy and emit carbon. So, here is what you could do.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, do not take long showers, and avoid using the washing machine unless it’s full of clothes. You could place a bottle or a brick in your toilet flush to reduce the amount of water that goes¬†into the drain every time you hit flush! These are just a few lifestyle changes that might not significantly impact your life but will contribute greatly to the planet and its well-being.

Eat Locally Grown Foods

Switching to a diet of locally grown and seasonal foods can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are wondering how that could happen, let us explain! To prepare dishes that use ingredients not available in your state or country, you need to procure it from where it grows. Your local store, Amazon, or the restaurant where you order the food usually ships these products from its country of origin.

And that means they process, package, and ship the food globally. All of which use huge amounts of energy. It’s all that effort that makes these exotic foods expensive. Instead, if you eat locally grown and seasonal foods, it is cheaper on your pocket and great for your health too. So, shop locally and embrace a healthy lifestyle where you shun the preservatives.


Walking not just boosts your physical and mental well-being, but also builds the planet’s health. So, here is what you can do! The next time you have to visit a store nearby, try to cycle to the place or walk. When you consciously reduce using your motor vehicles, you reduce the pollution it causes and its fuel.

While it might seem difficult initially to make this huge lifestyle change of walking everywhere, it will soon become a habit. You could also do things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and carry your water bottle around. These are not just great for your health and finances, but also the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plant Trees

Well, the easiest way to celebrate any occasion is by throwing a party and making merry with your friends. However, that only adds to the carbon footprint you leave behind. Instead, here’s what you could do. Every time you are happy, plant a sapling! It will not just be a great way to celebrate your life events but also do good to the planet. You could get into the habit of gifting saplings and seeds to your friends.

Planting more saplings will increase the oxygen levels in your surroundings and reduce the effects of pollution. Plants absorb the carbon and harmful chemicals, contribute to biodiversity, and maintain the planet’s ecological balance. This promotes soil health, reduces food shortage, and increases employment opportunities for the local communities. So, why not do your bit to the planet by planting more saplings?

Are you ready to try these simple changes that could make a big impact on the planet?

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