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Four Unconventional Yet Eco-Friendly Ways To Practice To Save The Environment

Amid the many advancements and breakthroughs in various fields of study across the world, the earth continues to suffer, and pollution is now a major threat to the survival of humanity. As per estimations carried out by experts, the world will have more plastic in the ocean than marine life by 2050. If that little piece of information doesn’t wake you up, we don’t know what will. We should be extremely worried about what we are doing to nature right now. Taking care of our environment and choosing ecologically-sound means is not an option anymore — it is a must. Are we doing enough though?

In this article, we present four eco-friendly ways, which may sound unconventional to some, that are actually helping out the environment:

Green Farming Techniques

All this time, we thought that tilling the soil is good for the plants, but recent research has shown that tilling the soil reduces its water retaining characteristics. Tilling is also responsible for soil erosion which leads to floods. When the soil has greater water retention properties, it requires less watering which can be very critical for places where there is a shortage of water. More and more farmers are opting for a new kind of technology that is helping them plant their crops without disturbing the soil at all. For example, Exapta has come up with a piece of equipment that will help them do exactly that. Often, having a small garden or farming itself is touted as being eco-friendly, but doing it in the right way and following environmentally safe methods is equally important. Using pesticides or tilling might not make our garden that “green” after all!

The Tiny House Movement

The Tiny House Movement has definitely made a big impact. It’s no secret that bigger houses need more energy. However, most of us do not even need to live in a big house. A smaller house will consume a lot less energy and will be good for the environment, too. It will also mean lesser gadgets and appliances, and more importantly, experts opine that a small space means less time spent inside the house. Being outdoors is definitely a good thing for our body and mind.


A family of 4 eats and emits more greenhouse gases than that emitted by 2 cars, according to the BBC. So, our food habits do affect the environment as well. And think about it, over-consumption of red meat also contributes to bad health, especially the heart. However, there is a bigger problem out there. Cultivating livestock also adds to Co2 emissions. What’s more surprising is the fact that at least four percent of greenhouse gases come from cow burps and farts, as reported by the BBC. More and more people are switching over to a vegetarian/vegan diet just for these reasons. And did you know that if more and more people switch to vegetarianism/veganism, that alone can cut down 70% of greenhouse gas emissions? However, if the entire population turns vegan, then there will be an acute shortage of vegetables and fruits in the world. But that is yet another problem to deal with if it happens.

Public Transport Or Bike For Commute

It has been found that one-third of people stuck in traffic are office commuters.  If only we could take public transport or take a bike to work then imagine how less polluted the air will be? Using your private transport as less as you can is much recommended, and the trend is slowly catching up with the youngsters. Some have even opted to go to work using their bike. But if you do have to use your car, drive slow and make sure that your tires are inflated. This will ensure less fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Indoor Pet Cats

This might come as a bit of a shock but it is true. In a survey, it was found that domestic cats kill about 40 birds and animals every year and they are the reason behind the deaths of one billion small birds and animals every year. They are one reason why there is a decline in the number of ground-nesting bird species! Our seemingly innocent pet cats are upsetting the predator-prey equation. So if you have a pet cat, keep them indoors!

Instead of waiting around and thinking that your part is too small to effect any changes in the environment, start doing something today. Each and every one of us needs to do our bit to ensure the world is a better place tomorrow.

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