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Four Ways to Make and Save Money While in College

All your life you’ve dreamt about this big moment. You are going to college and living life on your terms. However, there’s one thing that could hamper all the fun you plan on having – a shortage of money. So, how could you make sure that you don’t run out of money while in college? The answer is simple, plan your finances efficiently. While this might be something you want to put off until you have a steady job, remember, financial planning can help you at all times.

Well, making intelligent decisions on finances need not be a dull, boring, or a nerd thing. It doesn’t mean staying away from all the partying and fun. It’s just putting your money to the best use. You could do this while making sure you have some to fall back on if you’re taking a break from work! So, here are a few easy and fun ways to save money while in college.

Work in college

Having a job that lets, you have ample money at least a little more than what you got from your allowances. This could cover all your expenses on partying with your friends and the happening campus life. On-campus job opportunities are a great way to earn some extra money. It helps students earn and save money without spending a fortune on commute. Although opportunities are few, they are great ways for students to engage themselves on campus, network with peers, gain some experience, and of course, make money.

This would also open up opportunities for you to interact more with the faculty on campus. And the best part is that you could use this networking and experience for a job later. So, that’s too many advantages rolled into one. However, if you do not find an opportunity on campus, don’t lose heart. You can always look up jobs available in the neighborhood and start working so that the money keeps flowing!

Learn to cook

Cooking is an important life skill that every person needs to know irrespective of gender. While cooking does take up a considerable amount of time, it is something that helps you save a lot of money. Do simple math on how much you spend for food per day and multiply it by 30. Now calculate how much it would cost if you were to cook, probably half the price. The other half of the money goes straight into your savings!

What is more important is the fact you know what you eat, and the chances of you falling sick are less. And thus, you would also save ample money on your medical bills too. Besides this, cooking also helps you stick to your diet and weight loss goals!

Attend Events With Food

College campuses are abuzz with events that are happening throughout the year, which are hosted by various departments. If one can keep track of the events with food, then life becomes easier as it solves multiple purposes. From networking to hanging out with friends, and of course, the great food, you end up saving a lot. As a student, most of your expenses are on hanging out with your peers and food, and these events offer the perfect solution to that. And the best part is that you will not be spending a single penny on them! However, there might not be too many of these events, but when they happen, do attend them!

Share Gaming Expense

It is important to connect with people who have the same interests as you have. Games are a great way to connect with your peers. And it’s not strange that people built lifelong friendships while discussing their favorite game or sport.

Be it physical games like Tennis or soccer or PC/Console games, and it is always good to have a partner. When you have friends with whom you can share gaming expenses, the burden is shared! Thus both you and your friend could enjoy the game at half the cost!

There are so many other ways in which students can save money. This includes using the campus gym, making the fullest use of the library, sharing online streaming accounts, sharing transportation expenses with friends, etc. Besides that, you could also avail of the student discount everywhere possible to save a few extra bucks.

And to keep track of the money, you owe your friends and vice versa. You could use one of the many apps that are available on the AppStore. These apps help you split the bill, tell you how much each one owes the other, and you could also link it to your Apple Pay and make or receive payments instantly.

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