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Hacks To Get The Cheapest Car Rentals

Road trips are, perhaps, the most enjoyable means of traveling especially if with close buddies. However, it is hard to have a long road trip due to the rising prices of gasoline and car rentals. Most people opt to rent cars not only for road trips but also for business trips and for times when your own car is unavailable. When you need to rent a car often or need it for a long time, it is essential to find the right hacks to keep expenses low. Here are some tips that might help!

Look For Online Deals And Coupons

This is the best way to book your car rental. There are several websites out there, offering great deals, and more importantly, allowing you to compare various options. They are also perfect as they will show rents for individual dates. In case you have plans of traveling at a certain time but you can afford to change your dates, do that and get a great deal. Also, search for online coupons; sometimes, they can be as good as $25 less from your total bill amount which is great. However, make sure to go through all terms and conditions!

Do Not Rent At Airports

Yes, we know this is probably the most convenient way to book a car in case you did not have time to rent it online. But, like many things, renting at airports can be expensive compared to other rental places. Next time you are in a similar situation, get a cab, find out the nearest car rental from the airport using your phone internet, and go there. You are bound to get rates that are at least 10% cheaper. Sometimes, your hotel can arrange for cheaper rates, too. It may be less convenient but it will help you save money.

Join A Rental Car Rewards Program

Rewards program is the new fad of the travel industry. You will find several car rental companies offering membership. You won’t have to pay anything to become a member, but you will keep adding points every time you rent a car and the membership itself might come with a few benefits. For example, you can skip the queue and get a faster check in or get a free upgrade. If you were planning to book that Mustang for your road trip, you might not have to pay anything extra at all! Moreover, business owners have different rewards programs that come with a variety of other benefits and better rates.

Opt For Discount Brands

You may be a fan of Hertz, Avis, or Budget, but if you look more, there are a few other brands that offer better prices and greater discounts. If brand name doesn’t bother you at all, go for the discount brands and save as much as $5 a day. For a week-long holiday, you can even save $35 which you can use for other expenses!

Use One Driver

Adding a driver can add up to $13 extra for each day of your renting period. The amount increases if you consider it for say ten days. However, having one designated driver might not be safe as well. So what do you do? Talk to your rental company; many a times they might not charge extra for your spouse or partner if you can show identification cards with matching addresses. Some rental companies have this benefit for loyal members as well.

Choose Your Car Wisely

It is critical to choose your car carefully before you go up to the counter. Think of the amount of space you might need, the number people that will be traveling with you, and the number of baggage you carry. These are the primary things to consider. Remember, your comfort is more important that merely just having a cool car to drive around. Moreover, it is a good idea to use your free upgrade as mentioned before, if you are not looking for something specific and do not want to spend too much.

Use these hacks to get the best deal for your car rentals. If you don’t really have any long-distance destinations, try to book from Uber or Lyft instead as they are cheaper options in traveling. Traveling can be fun as long as you make wise decisions based on your needs and wallet.

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