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Here’s How You Can Save Money On Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Kids’ birthday parties can be an expensive affair and can often get out of your control. Your budget can go for a toss, from preparing goodie bags and candy bars to superhero cuffs for the guests. As a result, you burn a hole in your pocket. If the special day falls in the colder months, then you are in for a mess. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all those occasions that you genuinely can’t miss out on.

Additionally, there is New Year’s Day too. So, how would you manage a birthday party amidst such a busy festive season? There are some effective ways to minimize your costs and make your kid’s birthday party a more affordable one. Below are the details.

Choose Paper Products

Although your kid might crave those fancy paper plates and cups designed by Disney, you should opt for plain colors. They are a lot lighter on your pockets. Napkins, dinner plates, cups, and stuff must all be solid colored.

If you save money here, you can choose a bit of costly themed plates for the sweet dishes and dessert. Go for plastic silverware as they will be cheaper if you purchase them in bulk. If you have extras at the end of the birthday party, use them for family dinners, picnics, and even lunches at schools.

No Need For Party Favors

Your kid might come back home with a bag full of candies and other small gifts. However, that’s nothing but junk. Additionally, candies can be costly if you buy them in bulk. Either you opt-out favor bags from your list or choose a small toy for every kid. You will get them at the widely available $1 bins.

DIY Cake

It doesn’t matter if you are not a good baker and haven’t baked a cookie for once in your life. The fact of the matter is that what kids at the party would crave is a cake, and even if it’s made from a box, they would never really care.

If you can’t bake a cake at home, then grab a plain birthday cake available at the grocery store in your locality and decorate it as per your liking. Add some little toys to it to make it look cute. You surely have some in the toy box. If you are looking for alternatives to a birthday cake, then cupcakes are your thing!

Hold The Party At A Park Or Your House

What’s the point in dishing out hundreds of dollars while hosting a birthday party at a paintball range or a bowling alley? Why don’t you throw a party at home sweet home instead of those places?

An in-home party is the best and the cheapest option without a shade of doubt. Make pizzas, buy cupcakes and design them, or cook a few delicious dishes for the kids. If you want to celebrate amidst nature, then choose a park. It will be sheer fun without you having to shell out some unnecessary money.

Never Send An Open Invitation To Your Kid’s Entire Class

Of course, you wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad just because you didn’t invite them for your child’s birthday. But, bearing the expenses of having them over at your home can be tough for you. Your budget can take a hit. Keeping the party low-scale is always suggested. Invite your child’s close bunch of buddies. This way, having control over the entire affair will be much easier.

Make Your Own Games

You were always creative. It’s only that you never noticed the hidden genius. What can be better than creating your games at your kid’s birthday party? It’s unnecessary to entertain the guests with those age-old Tic Tac Toe, or games like that. If you are outside, introduce some interesting lawn games so that the kids have a whale of a time.

Always make a budget for your child’s birthday party. You need to have a thorough idea about how much you need to spend and the areas where you would go for cheaper alternatives to save money. Being extravagant doesn’t make any sense. You can keep things simple, yet impress your child and their friends. Remember, your little one’s birthday is a happy occasion to you too, so go ahead, plan it with these tips, and you will be as happy as your little one!

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