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Here’s How You Can Save the Planet — One Garbage at a Time

With the rising panic on climate change and its effects, every one of us, one way or the other, might be thinking of ways we can help save the planet. Eating healthy, using sustainable products, conserving water – these are just some of the trends for the present climate change revolution. But do you know that there’s actually one good and simple way you can help? We’re talking garbage.

Yes, you heard us right. Help save the planet, one garbage at a time.

Fact is improper disposal of non-biodegradable materials also contribute to climate change. It damages the air and soil conditions, contaminates water supply (and kill those innocent, sweet creatures who didn’t know any better), and poses numerous health risks. From bottles, plastic, old and defective appliances, and gadgets to leftovers, the garbage dilemma leaves us wondering: what can we do to eliminate, if not ease the burden that overflowing waste bring?

Here are three ways you can help save the planet — one garbage at a time.

Recycle Your Waste

trashOne of the many ways to that’s been known to work for years is recycling. You can definitely utilize some household items again. Bottles can be refilled with drinking water. Boxes could work as storage for things (like that old stuff you need to give back to your ex). Old newspapers or plastic grocery bags can be used to store utensils for future use or even food. Several arts and crafts for children are made of paper mache. You can build toys from outdated broadsheets or magazines. You can also donate used clothing to charitable organizations. Even artists can build eye-catching installation works from just about every junk they can think of. There are really many ways you can recycle, so why not do it?

Make a DIY Organic Fertilizer

organic gardeningDon’t throw leftover food and skins of fruits or vegetables used for cooking such as onion, garlic, and ginger. After pruning trees, plants or flowers, you can also save the twigs and leaves. Keep trimmed grasses as well. Mix these natural wastes together on a large container like an old laundry bucket. Let them dry. Add chicken or cow manure to your concoction. After 2-3 weeks, you won’t have to buy commercial-grade fertilizer, which would deteriorate soil quality. Organic fertilizers are safe and will keep your plants healthy. That beautiful green backyard you saw in a magazine doesn’t have to be a dream; you can definitely be your own Martha Stewart and grow your own produce in your backyard.

Sell Your Junk

plastic bottlesCollect used bottles, tin cans or old newspapers. Junk shops buy them to sell the scrap materials at recycling plants to produce new ones. In your spare time, you could earn additional income while ridding your house of unwanted stuff. Auto supply stores buy old car batteries. You either receive cash or have them appraised amount deducted when you purchase a new battery. Almost all household items are fit for recycling, so you would hardly run out of junk to sell. Gathering your scrap and selling your trash is a good way not just to clean your surroundings, but to earn cash.

Many of us take trash for granted. After all, we obviously do not want the things we discard (just like the ex that broke our hearts). But with the fear of climate change and its threat to future generations, we need to do our part in helping our planet.

Proper waste management is an old lullaby, but many still fail to sing the song and make it a part of their lifestyle. But the reality is, we all have one planet, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. We don’t have to be Greta Thunberg or Leonardo Dicaprio to help the planet. We can start at home, with our very own garbage; adopting reuse, reduce and recycle principle. If we do this all together, our united efforts will truly make an impact and we can help save our dying planet.

So the next time you think about throwing away that bottle of water you bought from the supermarket, stop yourself and realize that there are still many ways you can use that (unlike your good for nothing ex).

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