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How To Make Your Garden More Environment-Friendly!

We often feel saving our environment means going out and getting involved actively. However, we often do not understand that we can do a lot for our environment by starting at home. Just changing a few things about our lifestyle itself can bring about major changes in our environment. Imagine how big the impact will be if all of us will start making these lifestyle changes. Just like cleanliness, sustainability should start at home and when you teach the next generation by setting an example yourself, they will be better prepared to face the future — which seems quite bleak right now.

Start Composting

Making compost out of your own wet waste is a brilliant idea whether you live in a huge house or a small condo! If your waste is not going to the landfill and if you can make something worthwhile out of it, why not? Recycling your waste and composting will finally help you make the soil in your garden more fertile and give a boost to all the plants you have in there. Most people get disgusted with the smell but it will be a big help to the environment! Worm bins are also great for small spaces.

Start An Organic Garden

Start your organic vegetable garden. It doesn’t need a lot of space or pots — a small area is enough. Start with easy plants like tomato, chilis, lettuce, cilantro, or even eggplant. Imagine tossing up a salad from all the ingredients from your own garden. No pesticide, no chemicals, no added colors or preservatives – just pure and simple vegetables! No amount of good-looking veggies from the supermarket can compensate for the ones that grow in your backyard garden. So, go for it!

Start Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is very important in this age where several places around the globe are facing an acute water crisis. Storing the water in barrels or buckets and reusing it later is the easiest way to work this out. Rainwater can be used to water your plants, wash clothes and the dishes, and even clean up. Rainwater can be boiled and filtered to be used as drinking water as well. Boiling will remove the pathogens and the filtration will help remove the chemicals, dust, mold, and other contaminants. In places where there are frequent rainstorms, get huge barrels to save water as it can go up to hundreds of gallons.

Invest In Solar Lights Outdoor

Now is the time to buy those cute little solar lights that you have been eyeing for some time now at your local supermarket. Solar lights are easy to install and you can light up the path to your door with them instead of using electric ones. That will save some energy! You can even buy one of those lights with a sensor. It’s a good choice as the light will switch on only when it senses someone. Great for security purposes as well!

Plant Trees In Your Garden

If you have a big garden, plant native trees – a lot of them. Not only will it make for natural shades in the hot months of summer, but it will also cleanse the air around your house as they will need carbon dioxide to make food. A shaded house will also need less air conditioning. Over time, your house will become a much-coveted property and the value will increase, too. Native plants do not need much maintenance and hence are great for the garden.

Do Not Cut The Grass Too Often Or Too Short

If you have a lawn, don’t get rid of the grass too often. Keep it as high as you can and also don’t throw away the grass clippings. Apparently, the grass retains water and will keep the soil moist and soft for the other plants, too. They are also rich in nitrogen, and hence, it will make the soil fertile, too. If you don’t want to leave them on the lawn, then put grass clipping in your compost bin.

Keep the garden as eco-friendly as you can. It is good for you, the environment, and your wallet! Think about how much you’ll be saving by incorporating the aforementioned tips into your life? It is a win-win situation — for you and the environment!

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