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How To Pamper Yourself Without Spending Big Bucks

After a hard day at work or at home, both men and women need to unwind in order to get rid of the stress. People have various ways of relieving stress and some of them quite are expensive – whether that’s going to the spa, eating a fancy dinner at a swanky restaurant, or splurging on expensive things. No matter what you do, pampering yourself can increase your productivity at work and keep your mental health great as well. So, how do you pamper yourself without creating a gaping hole in your wallet? Here are some ways to indulge yourself for zilch – well almost!

Get A Haircut

The feel of someone’s hand on your hair can be very relaxing for most people. Paired with a scalp massage, a haircut can make you feel quite rejuvenated at the end of your session. But imagine the price tag that comes with it in a regular hair salon? Unbelievable, right? The best way to bring down the expense is to go to a teaching salon which is a place where hairdressers undergo training for their future profession. Since these hairdressers are still under training and need people to practice their skills on, they charge much less, making it a win-win situation. Aside from a haircut, you may also avail other services for less than the regular salon price. Aveda generally has teaching salons in all major cities so find out if there is one near you!

Opt for a Home Spa

You don’t have to go to an expensive spa to relax. Yes, it’s possible! In fact, many people opt to stay in the comforts of their own home and customize their own version of a spa based on their tastes. The next time you go to the mall, you can buy cheap $10-dollar face masks, scented candles, or bath bombs for your home spa. You can even pick up samples of face masks from Sephora, The Body Shop, Aveda, or Lush. Now, when you are home, light a few scented candles, turn off the lights, put on some soothing music, and soak in your bathtub with the face mask. This simple treat will help loosen up those tense muscles from working too much!

Go  to A Free Wine-Tasting In Your City

Surprised? Well, there are tons of similar events that are completely free of cost happening in your city.  You just have to know where to look. Subscribe to newsletters that list all free events in your city every week. Often, there are free wine-tasting events, free massages, manicures, and even dessert-tasting. Take some time off work and treat yourself to something like this once in a while. Sometimes, all you need is to get out of work and socialize.

Cook From Scratch

When you want to get pampered, cooking for yourself might not seem like a great idea. But cooking or baking from scratch can be a great way to de-stress. Maybe opt for something as easy as a dark chocolate cake. Dark chocolate is known to be a source of Tryptophan, an amino acid that triggers endorphins in our brain which are responsible for making us happy! How cool is that? So, now you have a perfect excuse to bake and binge on chocolate cake!

Find What You Can Get From Your Loyalty Points

If you have accumulated a lot of loyalty points on your cards, it is time to redeem them. A free book or magazine, a free movie maybe, or free beauty products? If you have any of these, go for it. Often these cards have great discounts on restaurants too. See if you can club a discount with a Groupon offer. If you can, you are in for a treat!

Have A Party

Arranging a party can be a costly affair! Not when your closest friends are involved though. Invite them for a potluck and have a few of your favorite movies or Netflix shows ready. Open a new bottle of port wine or beers depending on your preference and you are all set for the night. Extend the party and make it a sleepover to make it even more fun. There is nothing better in this world than chilling out with your best buddies.

So, now you know that pampering yourself doesn’t have to involve a lot of money. Sometimes, you can do stuff for free. It might even turn out to be as enjoyable and luxurious as other indulgent and expensive means of relaxation. So, take care of your money, save well, but indulge yourself, too. Always remember to treat yourself because you deserve it!

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