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Seven Tips to Live a Stylish yet Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Luxuriously eco-friendly! Doesn’t this sound amazing? But how can being eco-friendly be luxurious? Green things, going green, its nature. While luxurious, most of the time, equal spending cash (and a lot of it), there are ways that you can be eco-friendly without spending a lot of money.

Decrease Dairy and Meat Consumption

Wagyu beef is delicious. Its meat is to tender, fatty, and flavored along with its marble textured appearance. But, have you ever asked yourself how many animals have died to become that tasty dish on your plate? The point is, cutting back meat consumption can make a massive difference in animal society, environment, and eco-system.

You save money, and you might save these animals from extinction. It’s a win-win situation for both creatures. Choose to eat fish and leafy vegetables.

Recycle and Avoid Using Plastic

The particular use of plastic has a significant impact on our environment. It can clog drainage that will result from flooding. It strangles helpless animals and makes the ozone layer suffer. So better opt for more eco-friendly bags like a reusable paper bag or DIY canvas bags, which are not only reusable but are fashionable too. Recycle old magazine brochures and create fancy envelopes or use them as gift wrappers.

Choose Cloth over Paper

We love cleaning, and we always need something to wipe away dust and dirt. By default, people use paper towels. But do you know how many trees are being cut down just for a paper towel? Plenty! So, the next time you start doing any cleaning, choose old clothes. Rip it into pieces and use it as your cleaning material. It is washable, and there’s zero waste.

Go for LED Lighting

The consumption and need for electricity balloons as the population grows. Having multiple and beautiful lights give off an elegant feel even in a simple house. But these beautiful lights might consume a lot of electricity. So the next time you want to light your home, go for LED or any other eco-friendly bulbs, for they consume less energy. The earth is happy, and your pocket saves money too!

Conserve Water

This is the easiest and no obvious way of living luxuriously eco-friendly. I’m sure bathing is so important, but you can take shorter showers every time you bath. Or better yet, you can use a pail and skeet, which can save water compared to showering. Drinking water is essential, but instead of buying gallons of purified water, install a filter in your home. You can save a lot since it can last you a lifetime. When traveling or going out, bring your water using a reusable container and ditch disposable plastic bottles.

Borrow or Swap Instead of Buying

They say nothing comes for free. While this speaks truth in most things, there are some things that we don’t use or regularly need like books or DVDs. So instead of buying, borrow or swap with a friend. This can save you money. And believe me, living a luxurious lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend money.

Drive an Eco-friendly Car

Having your vehicle is a necessity, and sometimes, it’s even a marker of the living status or lifestyle of a person. Although having an adorable car is cool, these types of cars usually emit a poisonous gas that pollutes the air. The solution to this dilemma is to find a gas-friendly vehicle. There are a lot of available cars in the market that even offers a trade-in of your current one. So choose wisely and be responsible enough in selecting the vehicle you drive. You don’t want to hurt Mother Nature with your driving, do you?!

Living in an eco-friendly way should not clash your luxurious lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be difficult too. All you need is an understanding to make it easier for you. After all, living eco-friendly has become a trend, so why not join in? It could be daunting sometimes to put these two things together, but once you give it a try, you will see the big difference that you can make in your life, and you also contribute to preserving the environment.

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