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Here Are Six of the Biggest Companies That Are Going Green

It’s nothing new to hear of major companies shifting their priorities and using their business intelligence to cut costs but also grow more environmentally aware. The rapid depletion of the earth’s natural resources puts large corporations under pressure to make decisions that protect the interests of their company. Green initiatives are cost-effective and meet the compliance requirements while doing good to the planet. Companies also gain brand recognition and increase their customers. It’s a win-win. Here we take a look at some of the most popular brands and how they have set up green initiatives in their industries.

Ford Motor Company

Automotive companies are under scanner when it comes to pollution, as it is no secret that automobiles pollution is at an all-time high. Ford put together a ten-part environment policy a few years ago and have been implementing this policy religiously. This has changed the reputation of automotive companies towards a green perspective. A leading player in automotive taking up this initiative is a trend for the industry to follow.

The company prioritizes the use of sustainable fabrics, and a whopping 80% of the Escape and Focus vehicles are recyclable. Fuel efficiency is a focus in their design. Efforts are also taken to recycle the paint fumes in the company’s Michigan plant to use it as fuel. Neat!


All of Disney’s facilities have a zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions protocol. Disney is also working on reducing indirect greenhouse gas emissions by reducing electrical consumption. The company implemented a zero-waste policy to avoid adding up to the landfills. Disney also employs water-saving technologies and has been striving to reduce its carbon footprint. This entertainment giant sure is doing its bit towards environmental responsibility!


Hewlett-Packard or HP is among the first few companies to release their carbon footprint report. Soon after the report’s release, the company started initiatives to reduce its emissions, clamp down the use of toxic substances in the manufacturing processes. Products like ink cartridges have a high emission rate and the company has focused on this area of its business to make a difference to the planet. Hewlett-Packard enforces a solid recycling program that keeps most of their waste out of the landfills. They launched many advertisements advocating green initiative ad environmental responsibility.


eBay is a pioneer in recycling and promoting eco-friendly behavior. Don’t believe us? Well, the company was the first of it’s kind to offer a platform to people for exchanging their used items. This would reduce the dumping of things into landfills! Increasing the lifespan of items means they stay out of landfills for a longer time.

It will also prevent people from purchasing new items that drain out natural resources directly or indirectly in production. eBay has taken the extra effort to partner with USPS to obtain green supplies for their shipping as well. They have all bases covered! So, the next time you shop with this eCommerce giant.


Starbucks isn’t just your regular coffee company! This coffee company has committed to environmental sustainability by purchasing Fair Trade Certified and Certified organic coffees, and also nu achieving LED certifications for their new outlets. They have managed to reduce operating costs and minimized the impact of their business on the environment. They have also taken it in their stride to increase the air conditioning in their stores a few degrees (from 72F to 75F) and by building cabinetry from 90%post-industrial materials, and employing low-flow water valves.


The great Google is yet another innovative company in the path to a greener future. The company enforces greener practices in supply chain management and promotes sustainability in its business practice. Google demonstrates its commitment to a better environment through its innovative initiatives. For instance, they power their facilities with renewable energy sources, host farmer’s markets, sustainable cooking seminars, and even bring in goats to trim their lawns! They have a culture centered around environmental friendliness and has a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking corporations.

Being environmentally friendly is a great step forward for a business. This is because the business would gain good reputation and loyalty from customers committed to the environment. At the same time, it gives satisfaction and a sense of value to the employees of the company as they can do their bit for the environment. The future will be bleak if we don’t make a change. Also, since healing the environment helps the company too, there’s no reason to be on hold any longer! We hope many more companies join in to support building a greener future!

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